Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In Sickness and In Health

For over two weeks now, I’ve been battling with the illness that just won’t go away. Every time I start to feel better, the symptoms return and strike again. Today I will finally begin a round of antibiotics and pray that they will be used by God to rid me of this pestering illness.

With the frequent onset of a runny / stuffy nose, little sleep, and some coughing / sore throat, it’s been easy to focus solely on my dilemma. I can technically use the excuse that I’m sick and therefore don’t have to clean, cook, or even read my Bible. Oh…wait…there’s the problem.

Though I haven’t done it regularly, I have let my illness become an excuse not to have my quiet times when I should. “Oh, if I just get a little more sleep, then I’ll feel better, then I can get back to normal.” Then Hannah wakes up anyway and I’m back to the starting board and annoyed to boot. Who is the only person who can relieve me from these issues? God. Who is the only person who can make me learn a lesson from these issues? God. Who is the only person who I need to seek relief from? I think you get the point.

During times of illness, God draws us nearer to Himself. When we are not relying on ourselves for strength, we learn more about God. He once again reminds us that we are not gods ourselves and our strength comes from Him alone. "Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the Lord.” - Jer 17:5 (ESV)

As I continue to battle with this annoying cold, I remember it is just that: a cold. Though I do have a few random things going on with my body currently, nothing extreme that I’m aware of. I will trust in the Lord and pray that I grow deeper in my relationship with Him during this time of small trials.

In Christ,

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