Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthdays, Sickness and Homeschooling

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays... our family has many during February! Sophia just turned the big ONE and then three days later, Daddy turned 34. In the same week are Valentine's Day, Uncle T.'s birthday and great grandfather's birthday! All of my owl-themed plans turned out pretty good I think. If I ever make the time, I'll try to get some pictures up.
We're continuing our winter sickness trend. Sick for about 2 weeks, healthy for a few days, sick again now. Blah. I'm SO looking forward to spring!
Hannah has nearly wrapped up preschool. At first, I was going to wait to begin teaching kindergarten this fall as most kids her age. But if I do, she'll basically have nothing to learn between now and August/September. That would be boring for all of us. So I think we're going to get started in the next month and then if anything comes up, it'll be easy to take a break. We can go even more at a relaxed pace. That's one of the beauties of homeschooling.
My Benjamin has been sooooo cuddly. When he's not feeling well, he basically walks around saying "hold me" all day. It's kind of tough because Sophia expects to be held the most, since she's the baby. And I couldn't physically be a big "baby-wearer" anyway because I tend to have back issues. Up, down, up, down, all day during sickness. But even with that, though I may need a break here and there, I wouldn't change it for anything...
James has begun a mild prescription for what they've diagnosed as RA. We're also getting ready to make some dietary changes to try and help that as well. By God's grace, we'll make some ground. And where we don't, we'll trust in the Lord for strength and perseverance.
Until next time....
Take care,