Monday, August 29, 2016

Transition Central

It’s been a year of transitions, some small but many major.  The fact that we are still alive and doing well is the grace of God alone.

In the last month:
  • Oldest 3 kids started public school after 5yrs of homeschooling.
  • Kids also started riding a school bus. 
  • Youngest 2 kids have been working on potty training.
  • Daniel dropped his afternoon nap.
  • Abigail switched to a forward facing carseat.
  • I (Terra) have an almost two year old without having another baby (that’s a first!) or even being pregnant.

In the last 2-3 months:
  • Abigail stopped using a pacifier
  • We moved for the 3rd time since March; finally to a permanent home in a new neighborhood in a new city.
  • Abi dropped her morning nap

In the last year:
  • James changed his full time job.
  • James and I traveled across the country to seek the help of specialists and enjoyed the longest time we’d ever had away from the children.
  • We’ve overcome some HUGE medical concerns and continue to work on others.
  • We had to suddenly (within 2 weeks notice) leave the only home we’d known as a family for almost 11 years.  We also had to say goodbye to approximately 95% of our possessions at the same time due to mold illness.
  • Our church changed to a new physical location.
  • I began a year long health coaching certification program online.
  • Sophia began riding a 2 wheel bike with no training wheels
  • Abigail began walking AND talking.

So if you want to know why it’s been a crazy year…  Now you know.  Praise be to God I can share that we’re probably thriving more now than we have in a LONG time.

Until next time…

Take care,