Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 11: Hope

Week eleven was not much more different than the past several on the pregnancy front.  Still nauseous, still dizzy from vertigo.  Tired.  I don't want to complain so I'm going to leave it at that - now you know.  Sad news this week when a friend who was due around the same time as me found out her baby had stopped growing weeks ago. Another reminder that each day - each moment even - is a gift with no guarantees.

In other news, the birthday party went well.  Hannah was turning five and celebrated with a friend who turned 9.  We had a rainbow theme complete with tons of multi-colored foods, treats, crafts and fun.  Check out the pictures here.  It was a good time.  I can't believe Hannah is now five and getting ready for kindergarten.  So surreal at times.  I know I'm going to think the same thing when she's graduating high school!

We got some updates from my sister-in-law on their adoption.  They've been working towards an Ethiopian adoption for well over a year now and things are at a stand still.  In the meantime, they were presented with an opportunity to adopt a two year old Chinese girl with some special needs.  They still plan to continue on with their Ethiopian adoption but are also moving forward in the process to bring home this little girl.  We're super excited for them and praying for lots of grace and patience in the long, arduous, paperwork process.

So there's an update on week eleven.  Until next time....

Take care,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weeks 9-10: Still Yucky but a Beautiful Heartbeat

I didn't write anything about week nine because there wasn't anything new or excting to write... unless you wanted to hear more about my increase in nausea and general overall nasty feeling. There has been some relief with the vertigo though I tested positive again when I went back for my follow-up visit. So now I have four weeks of nightly exercises at home until I go in for another follow-up. It's difficult especially because the exercises make you feel more dizzy to begin with so you're supposed to do them right before bed so you can rest afterwards. BUT, I feel most nauseous from the pregnancy right before bed so that doesn't make it easy by any stretch of the imagination.
Anyway, week 10 included some fun. We had our first visit with the midwife. I'm going to the same office that I did with my last pregnancy though they've added a new midwife. My husband got a new job last September and it is literally about half of a mile up the street so it'll make it easier for him to come with me to appointments. Did the usual bloodwork, family history questions, etc. All of my vitals were good. I've gained 6lbs so far which is about average for me at this point. Our favorite part was definitely listening to the heartbeat. There is something so amazing about hearing that little heartbeat for the first time. Not only is it reassuring to know things are going well, it's such an amazing reminder of the miracle of pregnancy. To have a child knit in the womb, from the tiniest cells to a full blown newborn is simply amazing. And though I don't like all the "side-effects" of pregnancy, I do not take one tiny bit of it for granted. I'm so very grateful.
We're prepping for our last spring birthday party the Saturday (as all of our kids have birthdays Feb-May). My daughter loves rainbows and colors of all types so we're doing a theme around that. It should be fun. Then no more birthdays in this house until December! We'll see if it's mine or the new baby's (who is due to arrive on my bday).
Until next time...
Take Care,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 8: Yucky

After my last post, I was able to get scheduled at the office that diagnoses and treats my vertigo.  As I suspected, I had relapsed, and in two canals (there are three, I usually have issues in one at a time).  So all of my dizziness has certainly been real and thanks to the vertigo.  I was treated in office and have had slight issues since, but not over the top.  I go back again next week for a re-evaluation to see if there's been any progression in how I'm feeling.

I was also wondering if the nausea was vertigo or baby related and I've decided it's definitely baby (if not both).  It's turned into the all day nausea, worse if I haven't eaten within 2hrs or so.  That's pretty typical of my pregnancies though so it was more or less expected.  I'm trying to remind myself of the bright side.  Sophia's pregnancy had the longest lasting sickness and it was over around 20 weeks so theoretically, I should only have another 11 weeks or so.  I can handle that, right?!

Other than that, things have been going fairly well around here.  Honestly, the nausea/vertigo combo has been pretty tough but with James to help and our live in friend and her daughter helping as well, it's been much more manageable.  And I'm super grateful for that.  God's timing is so perfect.

My first prenatal appointment is next week.  I'm really looking forward to it as I'm hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time.  That's always one of my favorite things.  I'm also curious about the weigh in.  I typically gain the most weight in my first trimester (weird, I know), so I'm curious to see if that's true this time as well.

Until next time...