Saturday, January 5, 2008

Food...and Hannah Mai

At 7 1/2 months old, Hannah's meal plan continues to change and grow. It has been interesting to see what types of foods she likes and dislikes, as well as those she's allergic to. In case you really care, her currently stats are as follows:

· Green Beans
· Green Peas
· Sweet Potatoes
· Apple, Strawberry, Banana Mix

Other Baby Food Likes:
· Chicken (if mixed with veggies)
· Rice Cereal (if mixed with apple juice)
· Carrots
· Prunes
· Applesauce
· Bananas
· Chicken and Broccoli
· Ham and Veggies
· Apple Juice

From the Dinner Table (These are things we've let her taste of ours. Don't worry, we're not giving her these things on a regular basis!)
· Tomato Soup
· Baked Beans
· Sweet Tea (hehe)

· Turkey
· Peaches

· Dairy
· Soy (I'm developing a new theory on this one)
· Wheat/Oat/Gluten (not sure which yet)

She also never ceases to amaze me with her highchair antics. Lately, she's been trying to play two games with me. The first is called "I'm going to pretend to scare you like you do to me." She goes completely still, stares without blinking and then lunges forward at me, slapping her hand on the highchair. We do this to her to make her laugh and apparently she's learning to imitate. The second game is called "Let me laugh the entire time you are trying to feed me so half of my food drops out of my mouth." This one drives me crazy. She's laughing so I can't help but laugh also but she won't close her mouth long enough to swallow half of the time. Then the food ends up on her, her bib or the highchair - not in her stomach!

She working on using a sippy cup. She likes it okay but doesn't quite prefer it yet. She can hold her own bottle now, though she likes to play with it when she does. I still hold if for her half of the time just to make sure she eats!

It's been quite entertaining to watch her personality grow. I would say that she shows the most stubbornness at mealtimes (if it's something she does not like). She lets me know if her formula is not warm enough to her liking. She gobbles down food she likes at a pace I've never seen. that you are fully aware of Hannah and her eating habits, are you hungry? ;)

Take care,