Thursday, September 15, 2011

Go, go, go

Some days I wonder if life ever slows down. You ever have those days? I mean, I can go for a week or two thinking things are going pretty smooth and nicely paced. Then there will be that week or two of craziness that makes me forget the slower weeks. This week was technically not that busy compared to last week or the next. But the random things that popped up made it feel more so. Next week I babysit quite a bit. So it'll be busy but it'll be at the house at least. I was having more vertigo issues but I started doing my home exercises again and by God's grace, they've been pretty controlled.

James' new job has been going great and he loves it so far - a great blessing! My brother has gotten fairly adjusted to living here I think. And I always love having some extra adult conversation when he's home and my husband is still at work.

Last week, James and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. That was very nice. At dinner, he read to me some journals he'd written during our off and on again dating journey. Sweet thoughts on this side of the marriage covenant.

Last night, my mom and I took Hannah and a friend to Disney on Ice. We won tickets from a local organization. It was so much fun. I think my favorite part was a comment made by Hannah. Tinkerbell drank poisoned milk to save Peter Pan. The only way she could be saved was if the audience clapped to show we "believed in make believe." After doing so, and Tinkerbell coming to her normal self, Hannah looked up at me with the widest eyes. She said, "It WORKED Mom!" My mom and I laughed so hard we were crying. It was so sweet to see her face light up the entire performance.

Homeschooling is going great. Hannah loves most of it. She requests her school time each day. She likes to work on writing her letters but gets very easily frustrated if she can't do something well. So I occasionally have to tell her we'll just work on something else for now. There's no need to rush. She's just barely over 4.

Until next time...
Take care,