Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 33: Christmas Joys

What a joyful Christmas we were able to have. Does Christmas ever not feel like Christmas to you? I mean, as I've gotten older, I've often commented on how Thanksgiving and/or Christmas just don't feel like they should. This Christmas was different. It totally felt like Christmas though I'm not sure why. Christmas eve we took it easy. We enjoyed some KFC for dinner (aka no cooking, a blessing from my inlaws. The kids were allowed to open one gift each as we do by tradition. When the kids awoke the next day, James read the story of the birth of Christ to them. Then they opened gifts and had a blast. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and followed that by watching a movie and playing with the new toys. We lazed around the house all day. I cooked a Christmas ham for dinner and we enjoyed our family time. It was a very restful day and enjoyable to spend as a family.

The only downside to Christmas was the usual - being sick. For some reason, I'm sick every year at Christmas. It's usually nothing big, and it wasn't this year either. The kids and I were just full of snot and slightly sore throats from drainage. I slept horribly Christmas Eve simply because I could not breathe out of my nose at all. Two Christmases ago, we were at Kosair's Children's Hospital with Hannah because she had purple lips and was having a hard time breathing. In the end, they couldn't come up with any diagnoses other than a nasty virus. So.... I guess colds were better than hospital visits for sure. We're still getting over the snot. And many of our friends had the stomach bug this Christmas so I'm thankful we didn't have that issue.

For the most part, my back felt better this week. That was a blessing. I've started getting fatigued way easier than I was though. It's everything I can do to run an errand or two with the kids and not feel completely wiped out afterward. Honestly, I don't even have to go anywhere and I feel wiped out most days before lunch. Guess that's just the point in the pregnancy.

One of my very good friends delivered her first baby boy yesterday (they had 2 girls first). She was due 5 1/2 weeks before me. So I'm definitely getting very excited as the day draws quickly near!!!

Until next time...
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 32: Belly 'Fun' and Back Pain

This week brought the end of our holiday craziness. By God's grace, from now until the new year begins, we have very little on our calendar. And that is simply fantastic!

The weather around here has been a little nutty. We had a decent amount of snow about a week or two ago. Then shortly after that, we got a good deal of ice to slick things up a bit. Now I've heard they are calling for another 4-6in of snow on Christmas Eve. Fun stuff. I took lots of pictures and a few videos for those of you interested, see my last post. It started melting today, just in time for the next batch I guess.

James and I went to a nice, formal Christmas party on Saturday. This was our 3rd year attending and it's always fun. See pictures at the link in my last post as well. I borrowed a maternity dress that worked perfectly. I actually felt cute in it. Kind of hard to feel that way at this point. I feel like I've swallowed a basketball and my face is starting to look like a little round ball itself. :)

So more baby stuff... My midwife appointment was another short and sweet one. Gained 2 more pounds (up 29 now). Blood pressure still great. She didn't comment on the measurements but said everything looked and sounded good. I'll be back again next week. I did ask her about the contractions and she told me it's normal for just about anything to cause contractions at this point. I figured it probably was but wanted to ask just in case. I was actually having a great deal of contractions at our formal event Saturday but after I drank a bit of water they stopped. Guess I was a little dehydrated. I'm trying to stay on top of that.

I've continued to have a lot of back pain: location and intensity dependent on the day. Most of the pains are from the spasms I get on my right, mid-back. Sometimes it's the typical low back pain anyone gets at this point in the pregnancy. For the last few months, I've had the habit of waking up on my back with my arms overhead. (I fall asleep on my side). I have NO idea why I'm sleeping this way or how to stop. But when I do, I often wake up with back pain. Weird.

Anyway, I think I've written enough for the week. Until next time!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Fun!

These videos and pictures are from about a week or so ago. We got our first decent snow (about 3-4in). This was before we got a layer of ice on top of it a few days later. :p

See pictures here:


A New Camera!!!

Can I even begin to tell you how exciting this is?! :) I LOVE taking pictures and my camera was on it's last leg. It was literally being held together with electrical tape!

Thanks to the combination of several birthday and Christmas gifts, I have a new toy! My husband also helped with choosing a camera (he works in media and electronics at Meijer) and letting me know when the sale happened. Most of you know how big I am on saving money. The camera retails for $279.99 at Meijer. After a sale, a $20 coupon and our 10% employee discount, I got it for $171 after taxes!

Whoo hoo! Be prepared for lots of GOOD pictures in the future! Just in time for Christmas and just 7 weeks from Sophia's due date!

Take care,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 31: Playing in my Ribs

And so it continues.... the busyness that is. BUT, I was just looking at my calendar and after Saturday night, my family does not have another single thing planned in the evening for the next TWO WEEKS! Wow! I don't know that we've had a calendar like that ever! Of course that being said, we're social people and we're sure to add something, even just dinner with friends. And the fact that we do counseling with our church means that anything could come up unexpectedly. Still. I'm excited to see a blank calendar.

The Braxton-Hicks are getting much more frequent and stronger these days. If I've been sitting and I stand suddenly, I get a contraction. If I get really cold or anxious about something (like when I was watching Inception the other night), I get a contraction. It's really quite entertaining. I'm going to mention it to the midwife when I go back and see if she comments.

Sophia has started something new: playing in my ribs. :) I've really never experienced this with any of my previous pregnancies. My babies tend to be small (5.9 and 6.8lbs at birth) and I carry them very low. So I guess that means most of my interesting feelings and pains are in my pelvis and lower abdomen. Feeling the baby in my ribs is funny to say the least. I wonder if she's taller than my other two? Or maybe she's a jumper? haha We'll soon find out!

We're still getting over the snot here. Hannah's eyes are great now. The doctor did end up putting Benjamin on the drops as his eyes were just starting to look a little pink. She'd rather be proactive, all things considering. We just took him in because he'd been fussy and thought maybe he had an ear infection. Ears were clear though. Now if only I could get rid of my snot issues, we'd be set.

Until next time...

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 30: Healthy Yet?

As is typical this time of the year, week 30 was incredibly busy! And yet with that said, there were many fun things keeping us busy too. A cookie exchange, a great early birthday dinner with my husband, an evening chatting with a good friend, and so on. Last Wednesday, the kids had their flu shots and let me say that everyone was going to know it by the end of the day. Wow - bad moods! I babysat a few times and will do so again this week. Fortunately, these last two days, Benjamin has actually been rather happy. It's amazing as I mentioned in the last post he's been pretty miserable the last month or so with one thing after another. I almost forgot about the happy, sweet little kid wrapped up inside of him. So that's definitely a blessing.

Speaking of health, I'm guessing all that snot finally took it's toll. Hannah now has double pink eye. She's on antibiotics and should no longer be contagious after lunchtime today. Now we're praying Benjamin doesn't get it... that won't be fun!

Friday was my midwife appointment. To my great surprise, even after Thanksgiving, my weight gain has slowed down! I only gained 1.5lbs in two weeks... better than I have been. So I'm at 27.5lbs total gain so far. It was a pretty short visit. Everything looked, sounded and measured fine. Back again next week.

I'm continuing to deal with the back spasm a bit. Could be better, could be worse. I guess I need to be grateful I'm not bedridden or anything.

Until next time...
Take Care,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

400 POSTS!

WOW! I didn't realize how long we'd been blogging until I opened up Blogger today. This is our 400TH POST!

We started blogging in 2007, just after the birth of Hannah and by God's grace, we continue today. We hope this blog continues to inform you all about the happenings of our lives as well and encourage you in the gospel of Christ.

We love you! And please... comment every now and then to let us know you're out there. :) We have no idea who reads this thing!

Take care,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week 29: Thanksgiving

We're among the fortunate bunch in the sense that we do zero traveling during Thanksgiving. Because of the nature of James' job, he typically works on Thanksgiving itself and always works bright and early on Black Friday. I know many of you ladies were dealing with the discomforts of pregnancy in long car rides and on airplanes - bless you! Instead, Thursday night, we had dinner at our place. A couple of friends of ours came over with their five year old daughter and enjoyed a meal together. Since my mom is living with us, she joined us for the first half of the time our friends were here as well. It was pretty laid back and our kids enjoyed it as well. As a matter of fact, you can watch them goofing off and dancing in our last post or see pictures of the fun here: .

Then Sunday, we had our community group from church over for a potluck dinner. I didn't think to take pictures that night because there were quite a few people here (13 adults and 10 kids). It was a little more rambunctious but fun and lots of good food. So between the two good meals in a row, I'm sure Sophia got her fill. We'll see how much weight I've gained on Friday.

Overall, things seem to be going well with the pregnancy. I have a place on the right side of my middle back that gets a muscle spasm in it off and on, especially when I'm pregnant. That's really been bothering me lately. I'm constantly pulling out my rice sock to relieve the pain since I can't take muscle relaxers while I'm pregnant. My mom keeps getting onto me about carrying my 19mo old around. He's been sick for the last few weeks though and he's cutting THREE molars so I can't help but feel bad for him. Fortunately he's small for his age (only 22lbs), so better than it could be.

Speaking of being sick, the kids and I have been fighting a yucky cold for over a week now. Mainly just congestion and/or runny noses with some of the fun that brings. It seems it may finally be leaving us as I didn't wipe nearly as many snot noses yesterday aside from my own. I sure hope so! It's very hard to sleep when it feels like there are corks in your nose.

Until next time!

Take Care,