Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Change As a Good Thing

We've been back from vacation for three weeks now. Kind of hard to believe it's already been that long! There's always that time of catching up but then things settle down again. A few big things have been happening around here though.

The biggest is that James will soon be starting a new job! Though we're grateful for the four and one half years he's been employed at Meijer, we've been longing to see him back in full-time ministry. Starting September 6th, he'll be a full time chaplain with a healthcare/hospice company called Amedisys. He'll continue to do his part-time chaplaincy work for Marketplace Ministries as well. We're very excited about this change and look forward the transition.

Secondly, my brother moved in with us. After a great deal of various hardships, he needed help getting back on his feet. He moved in with us just two weeks ago. By God's grace, he's already accepted a part-time job and is looking for that to turn full-time, or to add an additional part-time job. It's been great to have him with us as we've never been able to spend a good deal of time together. When I left town for college, he was just in middle school. Since we've been adults, our lives have taken us very different paths and we didn't see each other much. So it's been some much needed time together. The kids are having a blast getting to know "Uncle Jimmy" better.

After labor day, I'll begin homeschooling Hannah more officially. We did a few random things here and there last year but we'll get back into our actual curriculum and scheduled fun and learning. Benjamin will be able to learn as we go with things like colors and a few letters. Sophia is getting big very fast! She just turned six months old. She's kind of sitting now (with support) and turned into a little roller! She's very vocal and has begun the drool fest. She's been pretty irritable these last few days so I'm wondering if she's beginning the joys of teething.

I've been super busy with a fall kick-off for my hair bow business. I unveiled a new product every day for one week and then held a giveaway. That kept me pretty busy both in creating and staying active on my Facebook page.

So it's been a fun type of busy around here. I don't mind that at all!

Until next time...
Take care,