Monday, December 28, 2009

Hannah Counting

She can easily count to 10 now... nothing past that. :)

Take care,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bible Story Mixups

This morning, at breakfast, I thought I'd take the opportunity to teach Hannah about the true reason for Christmas. First, I decided to make it clear why we needed a Savior in the first place. I asked her if she knew how sometimes she did things that were bad. Of course she said yes. Then she asked, "Mommy does bad?" And I agreed. We said that Daddy and even Benjmain do things that are bad. Because we are bad, we deserve punishment - even death. But God loves us SO much that He sent His son, Jesus, as a baby to our world. Jesus would later die and take the punishment we deserve on Himself. She kept nodding and saying "yeah" as if she was really following. I thought I'd quiz her...

Mommy: So what was the baby's name?
Hannah: Isaac!
Mommy: That was a different Bible story. It was baby Jesus. And who's son is baby Jesus, Hannah?
Hannah: *proudly* All things!
Mommy: What? (oh yeah... when I ask her 'What else did God make?' that's the answer)... Jesus is God's son, Hannah.
Hannah: Yeah... in the BIG ark!

I just died laughing. It's awesome to hear her soaking up all these truths about the Bible... funny of course that she doesn't know who/where/what. What a joy!

Christmas pictures coming soon!

Take care,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MRI and more

Good evening friends and family. I know many of you have been curious about the official MRI results. The MRI did come back normal. My doctor was a bit irritated with the MRI tech because the tech recommended doing a MRI without contrast versus with contrast (which is what my doc had ordered). Obviously I didn't know any better so I just said "okay" to the tech, I figured she knew what she was doing. So there is a small possibility I may have to get that done again (with contrast) in the new year some time if we continue to find nothing elsewhere. My doc mainly wants the MRI (with contrast) to check for the possibility of early MS.

So where do we stand now? Neurologist. Apparently there are few here in Louisville and they are not very easy to get into. My doc said that they fax all of my issues/records/tests to the neurologist and then the neurologist chooses (based on what they receive) how long it'll be before you come it. She said it could literally be months. SO... I definitely ask for prayers that the neurologist would by God's grace, show me favor and get me in sooner than later. I will say that overall, I've had many more good days than bad days lately so that's a huge praise. I continue to trial and error different things (such as diet, activity, etc) to see if I can rule anything else out. As of today, still not sure.

My doc did say that while she doesn't yet know what's going on, she can fairly confidently say it's nothing immidiately horrible (such as something that could immediately threaten my life). At worst, it could still be the beginning stages of a long term illness (such as MS, etc).

I'll keep everyone posted as usual. Thank you for continued prayers. I've truly felt a great deal of God's grace in so many ways with this whole ordeal. Tonight, as I was playing with Hannah, I glanced up at the magnetic part of her easel where her "Leap Frog" alphabet letters were sticking. There was a random grouping of letters in the upper corner, minus the letter "u", when rearranged, it spelled "journey." I though that was so neat. I'm on a journey. There are hills, valleys, curves, sun, rain, and more. But the entire journey, the good Lord is by my side reminding me to put my trust in Him. You all are my physical reminders of His love. Thank you.

Take Care,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hannah's Memory Verses

I know it's kind of hard to understand her but I tried to repeat each thing she said so you'd understand. :) She's very average in her language skills so we're blessed to hear the Word of God coming from her heart at only 2 1/2. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Real Post :)

Okay, so I've been promising a real post for ages and haven't yet given you one. The kids are down, the house is mostly clean, James is in a meeting, so I'm making this post my priority right now. :)

Where to begin on updates? Well...

For about the last two months, we've caught just about every cold and virus floating around the city of Louisville (except either of the flus, which I pray stay away from us!). We've had a nice combo of just about every symptom you could ask and on. Right now, we seem to be on the upswing of our latest and I pray, pray, pray we can stay healthy for a little while.

With all the sickness, there have been many cancelled events and plans. Quite honestly, I was very sad about many of those (including our church's gift exchange and my birthday party). BUT, God continues to show grace each and every day, with each and every illness. I've been really forced to rely on Him not only for strength and energy but more importantly, joy. God's word tells us to be thankful for all things. Is my joy found in my activities? Or in the shed blood of Christ that saves my soul from Hell?

Thanksgiving was nice even though we were not able to see any family. Instead, we had a few friends/church members over for the feast. :p We were blessed by Mama Tess and Papa Ben with the turkey dinner from Meijer. Just about everything was precooked and only needed to be heated. And boy was it yummy!

In the midst of the many cancelled events, we were both able to attend a Christmas party for GFS, a company James chaplain's for. It was tons of fun. We got to dress up, eat a really yummy meal and enjoy a great comedian/juggler. I was really excited I still made it to that. We are thankful for a friend/babysitter who was willing to watch the kids knowing there was a possibility she could get sick from them. By God's grace, she didn't.

Okay...if I keep going, this will be WAY too long. I'll try to be a little better about this again. :) Oh...and I've uploaded some pictures on Flickr if you want to see them!

Take care,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming soon...

I know, I know, it's been forever since I've had a real post. We've bounced sickness back and forth for the past month and a half. Nothing serious, just obnoxious colds/coughs. Well, this week and next are both extremely busy... Lord-willing, I'll get a real post up here again soon. :) I haven't forgotten about you all!!!

Until then...
Take care,