Friday, February 27, 2009

Week 30: Potty-training, Double Pink Eye, & the Flu

What I thought would be a pretty low key week has turned into an incredibly nutty one. I'll go in chronological order for clarification.

Monday, Hannah and I attending our second music and art playgroup at our friend Amanda's. We both very much enjoyed ourselves. The kids "sang" and danced to several fun little songs and then they created a "glue-less" collage on contact paper. Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, Hannah (and I in a sense) began pottying training. That's definitely had it's highs and lows. We're going the diaperless, stay-at-home most of the time and get her to the potty route. The first day, I washed a lot of clothes. She didn't even act like being wet bothered her. That was frustrating. Wednesday, once she messed herself, she'd be quick to tell me (most of the time anyway). Thursday, she had two victories and continued building on Wednesday's successes. Today, she told me she needed to go and did (at least her first mess of the day)! Small victories... I'll take them! The rest of the day hasn't been as fruitful but we're working on it.
So we'll back up to yesterday. We ended up taking Hannah to the pediatrician because she had rather pink eyes with gunk in them. I was pretty sure I knew the verdict and yep... double pink eye. I have no idea if she got it from somebody or somewhere. Either way, she's taking antibiotic eye drops every two hours for the first two days and then every four hours for the last five.
Last night, after visiting James at work, Hannah and I returned home to get ready for bed. Out of nowhere my throat started hurting and I began feeling incredibly weak, achey and chilled. By the time I went to bed (at 9!), I was really struggling. I slept very little over the night and awoke feeling the same way. By about lunch time, I had a fever. *sigh* All that to say, even though I had my flu shot this fall, I'm guessing I got a different strain. I can't even remember the last time I had the flu. I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant so please pray that I stay well hydrated and don't run too high of a fever. Those are the potential problems with the flu at this point in the pregancy. Also, pray that I can continue to be faithful in potty-training, caring for Hannah and getting her eyes well.
Benjamin seems to be growing well. We have another OB appointment next Thursday and get to have another ultrasound to make sure his growth continues normally (as Hannah's slowed incredibly towards the end). I found a picture of me pregnant with her at 30 weeks and thought I'd wear the same shirt and compare it to 30 weeks with Benjamin. Looks almost the same to me, though I think my face looked fuller last time. I can't tell. What about you?

Sorry this was so long! It's been crazy!
Take care,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hannah Feeding Her Bear

Hannah Feeding Her Bear, originally uploaded by Jamesandterra.

She's learning pretend play very well. Here, she's feeding and giving drinks to the little bear that came with her Valentine gift from her Memaw. Oh... and she had already had her bath and was ready for bed... hence the appearance. :)

Take care,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 29: Blessed by Family

Overall, this week was pretty uneventful on the baby scene. Other than finding out I passed my second glucose test, Benjamin just continues to grow and move around. He was kicking/punching me in the hip today. That was kind of an odd feeling. I will say that my back has been doing a little better (though definitely not completely up to par). I've been trying really hard not to pick Hannah up as much each day. She's not very happy with that arrangement but it's helping a little. And every little bit counts right now!

Wednesday we celebrated James' 31st birthday here at the house. It was a small but fun gathering with a few friends and family. You can view the pictures from the link in my last post. James' parents came into town (from FL) Tuesday night to help celebrate. Mama Tess and I grocery-shopped until about 1pm, then cooked until 6, then enjoyed company until 9. It was a very long but fun day. We've stayed pretty busy until today when everyone rested a bit. Hannah has really enjoyed having the grandparents in. She's been so playful, talkative and goofy - constantly! She really is a social bug. She gets bored so easily when it's just her and I, but thrives when she's around lots of people.

Overall, that's about all that happened during my 29th week of pregnancy. Week 30 starts tomorrow (Sunday)... I can't believe I'm down to 10 weeks until due day! Wow!

Until next time...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Pictures

I've posted some pictures from James' 31st Birthday Party last night as well as some from Hannah's Valentine Playgroup last week. Enjoy!

Take care!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 28: My Aching Back

My post this week was purposefully late. Yep. Can you believe that? You may remember in my last post I mentioned the glucose test. Well, I failed the first one and had to go back for the incredibly long 3 hour test. Ten ounces of nasty, sugary drink, one finger prick, three blood draws, and five days later, I finally found out I PASSED with flying colors! Praise the Lord! For those of you medical/number people, my three result levels were as follows (115/180, 123/155, 95/140). I didn't want to blog about the test sooner so I didn't get too many people concerned. Apparently, I just ate too much sugary stuff before my first test and it tipped me over. I was given permission to eat more or less as I please as long as I don't overdo it on the sugars. Of course, that's still a task for me. :)

So that was the great thing about last week. On the not so good side is my back. It's kind of funny, as I was looking back on my pregnancy journals with Hannah, I titled Week 29 the same as I did this post! My lower back is killing me! There have been many days over the last few weeks that I'm either in tears or nearly so by the end of the day. It's funny because I've gained about the same (almost exactly) as I did with Hannah by this point. I'm going to the chiropractor still but only every other week because of the expense. Please pray for my back and that I will trust the Lord to carry me until Benjamin arrives.

Speaking of Benjamin, he's getting SO big! I can feel him moving around like crazy. I'm occasionally stopped in my tracks because of his movement. It's always funny when I have the "alien" type full body move in my belly. I can't wait to meet this little guy... and yet, at the same time, I'm scared to death. It's coming so fast!

Hannah is continuing to develop quite the personality in the meantime. She's very strong-willed (gets it from mommy I guess) and likes to test the waters primarily at meal time. Also like her Mama, she's a very picky eater. This is an area of daily growth for both of us. Pray I lead her well and keep my patience in the meantime. On the lighter side, she's REALLY starting to talk more! I would say she's now "average" for her age, versus on the "lower end" of the vocabulary spectrum. She's constantly saying new words (or at least attempting them). She's very obedient in just about everything (except food). I've been told by nursery workers at church that she's now almost always one of the BEST behaved babies back there. Wow!!! What a difference from her 11 months of separation anxiety! Praise God!

Well, I guess that's it for now. I need to stop writing!

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You

Today we received an unexpected envelope from someone that kept themselves anonymous. The giver said they wanted to encourage us and "God bless us." I have no idea who mailed the envelope, but if you happen to be one of our blog readers, I wanted to say thank you. Your thoughtfulness means so much you cannot possibly understand. May God bless you and yours ten-fold.

Thank you,
Terra (and the rest of the Santos')

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fingerpainting and More

This blog is for a few random things...

First, I told you all that my "belly" didn't look it's true size in the last pic so I took another today. It's only a few days later and you can tell the difference thanks to the shirt.

28 weeks, 3 days, preg.

Second, Hannah finger painted what will end up as Valentine's Cards for a playgroup we're attending tomorrow. She really enjoyed herself. Check it out:

The final result:
Finger Painting Fun

Until next time...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Week 27: Nervous & Excited All Together!

Okay.... some of my out of town friends and family have been curious to see my belly and it's been a while since I've shown it. ;) Here it is... 22lbs later. Whoa. These pics were taken at 27 weeks, 4 days. I think this shirt actually makes me look a little smaller than I am, maybe you'd argue differently? :)

So by God's grace, my OB visit went well again this month. As I mentioned earlier, I've gained 22lbs which is right on target for where they want me. I have to keep in mind that I have a habit of starting my pregnancies underweight (I was 122 & 5'6"). At this point in time with my pregnancy with Hannah, my measurements started being on the low side. I was excited to hear that I'm measuring right at 27 weeks. Whew. I am scheduled for another ultrasound in early March just to double check since I had the weight gain issues with Hannah. My BP was 100/50 (much more like my pre-preg BP). I drank the nasty glucose drink and had my blood drawn for the gest. diabetes test. If anything is abnormal, I should receive a phone call from the office by Monday. So it was kind of a long visit, thanks to the one hour test but uneventful, which are good in my opinion!

I titled this post, "nervous & excited all together," because that's exactly what I'm feeling right now. I'm so excited about having another child to love and learning the in's and out's of having a little boy. I'm nervous about how Hannah will respond and our lack of sleep already having a toddler to look after. I'm excited about holding our child for the first time and introducing him to his big sister. I'm nervous about the uncertainties of labor and delivery. I'm excited that I'm due in less than three months and yet I'm nervous as all get out that I'm due in less than three months! This week I've been hit with the reality that less than three months is NOT that far away! Yeah... so that's how I'm feeling right now. ;)

We got to spend some time with friends of ours from Tennessee (the Burkeen's) this weekend. That was nice and relaxing since we haven't seen them since last May. It's amazing how big kids get over 8 months (referring to Tug & Kailey).

I guess that's it for now. Until next time...