Thursday, July 23, 2015

Testing, testing and more testing...

Many of you have followed our family's health issues over the years.  For those that haven't, just know there are many. ;)  I got to thinking that it might be helpful to just write posts on them to keep those of you interested in the loop.

A few weeks ago, James went to our local functional medicine doctor at the Medical Transformation Center.  James struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as some other issues so we started with him first.  We have his follow-up visit next Friday so I'll give updates later.

After all of James' tests, we reached our deductible for our insurance.  As a result, we decided to go ahead and pursue further care for myself and our 2yr old Daniel (who has many sensory processing issues) at the same location.  He and I went yesterday... Here's what we're testing for and/or checking:

Lots of things could be at stake.
  1. He has some genetic stuff that's definitely at play and may require specific supplementation (MTFHR C677T, MTRR, COMT).  Some of them are specific to neurotransmitter issues and the over/under-stimulation he has.  He's also not converting certain things properly (technical brain stuff).
  2. I was asked to schedule a specific vision and a hearing test for him because if either of these are off, they could be affecting his neurological/overstimulation issues.  The vision test is in a few weeks and he passed his hearing test with flying colors today.
  3. I learned he has a heart murmur that's never been noticed.  I was told there was a 90% chance it is no big deal but at his 3yr checkup to ask my doc to request an echo to be sure.  Said it was probably a Still's Murmur.
  4. Doc said his stools were definitely not normal and need to be addressed.  He ordered a stool test and further food sensitivity testing.  He ordered a celiac panel test because his foods do not even appear to be digesting well (I showed him pictures).
  5. He requested a urine test to check for metals (from being in utero and my issues).  Many sensory issues can be attributed to that.
  6. Going to assess whether he has decreased GABA function or excess glutamate.
  7. He's checking all the more common issues as well on bloodwork.  
  1. Doc agrees that it sounds like I may have Histamine Intolerance based on symptoms as well as some of my specific genetic mutations.  Gut dysbiosis is likely a contributing factor.
  2. Testing for SIBO based on symptoms.  Basically an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the wrong part of the gut.  Would be not so fun/easy to correct if positive.
  3. Thinks my thyroid is likely off, again, based on symptoms.  Running a full panel to check.  Said that my TSH scores were actually high although they don't "appear" that way on a standard scale.
  4. Running food sensitivity tests.  Running a celiac panel to rule that out because of digestive issues/genetic stuff/histamine stuff.
  5. Checking lipids and such.
Fun times!!!

And now you know where my interest in function medicine began!  Speaking of which... I'm still a LONG way from reaching my goal for my tuition... please consider donating. ;)

Until next time,
Terra Santos