Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life in a Large Nutshell

One of the things pregnancy helps me with is blogging.  Ha.  I know that sounds funny but since I like to journal my pregnancies, it keeps me consistent for the most part.  It's been two full months since I've blogged!  That's just not acceptable.  Many of you are friends of mine on Facebook so even if we don't see each other regularly, you can keep up with us if you'd like.  But here's my shot of summarizing the last two months.

As you know, Daniel was born December 14th.  He's been such a joy and is such a sweet baby.  Yet as with any newborn, he comes with his own demands.  He had a struggle feeding at first because of issues with my overactive letdown and a formilk/hindmilk imbalance.  That was not fun.  He still seems to be a bit intolerant of dairy but not an allergy (as Hannah had).  So I just try to watch my consumption.  He's getting up once most nights but still nurses about every 2 1/2 hours, even at 2 1/2 months old.  I'm not complaining though.  It's sweet to spend time with him and be forced to be still.  And he's a fast nurser so it's not a super long ordeal.

The other kids have been doing well.  They are all over the top in love with their new baby brother.  Though Sophia struggles with our attention being spread, she constantly wants to love on, kiss and hold him.  She turned two recently and she's every bit of two right now.  Testing Mama's patience, no doubt.  But she can also lead the way in any dance contest or giggling match. Benjamin continues to be high energy and all boy.  I personally can't wait for Daniel to be old enough to wrestle with him.  For now, he tries to take on his sisters which usually doesn't bode well for them.  He has to be reminded to be gentle with the girls and save that energy to wrestle with Daddy.  Hannah is learning super fast with her schooling.  She's begun first grade math, handwriting and reading.  I'm not pushing her into these, she's just ready.  She's also such a little mommy and a very stereotypical first-born.  Considering I am as well, I see both the good and the bad with that.  She keeps telling me she can't wait to get married and have lots of kids.

James continues to work his job as a hospice chaplain and bereavement coordinator full time.  Part time he serves as a corporate chaplain.  He was also recently hired on part time for the work he does at our church, primarily in the counseling ministry.  He's very gifted in what he does and in my opinion, is a blessing to many, inside this house and out.  He also recently celebrated a birthday.

Me?  Well, I continue to be a wife and mommy.  :)  Most days I love it.  Though I can't say I don't have my moments.  James has been good to give me two Saturdays per month to do whatever I want and have some free time.  Daniel hasn't taken a bottle yet so he goes with me but the other kids hang out with Daddy.  Over the last several months, I've picked up my love of reading again.  I began somewhat of a classic called Kristin Lavransdatter.  I'm nearly 600 pages into the trilogy and have totally been reawakened to the joys of reading fiction.  I'm also reading a book on large family home management and Loving the Little Years.  Reading Honey for a Woman's Heart got me excited about reading again.  Many ask when I do it?  Well, mostly after bed time and early in the mornings before the kids get up.  But I also steal time throughout the day when I'm nursing or have a moment while the kids are otherwise busy.  Then on my Saturday retreats.  It's been quite a refresher for me.

We're trying to work on our eating habits.  Though we're making baby steps (and some days, very tiny baby steps), we're stepping none-the-less.  Mostly trying to eat healthier, "real" foods though I've still got much room to grow.  James has begun running and is hoping to train for a short race over the next few months.

On the health side of life, we've had colds off and on as usual.  By God's grace, the last big thing we had was our stomach bug and then coughing crazies that ended in December.  Minor since then.  James' RA has been minimal as has my vertigo (praise God on both accounts!).

So there you have it.  My long overdue update of our last two months!  Hopefully two more won't pass before I write again!  With that said, if you have ideas for topics you'd like me to cover (other than family updates), I'd LOVE to hear them!

Until next time...

Take care,