Monday, August 20, 2012

Weeks 22 & 23: A growing baby!

I know I keep you all anxiously awaiting my posts some times.  It's just that I don't feel there is that much exciting stuff to write about so I hold off.  But here's a shot at it. :)

The last few weeks there have been many final preparations for school to begin.  Hannah and Brianna (the nine year old that lives with us), will start school on August 21st.  They will both be homeschooled using the same core curriculum (The Weaver Curriculum) and then will do reading and math separately, as their skills vary.  Then Benjamin will be doing a loose preschool alongside of them.  So, between preschool, kindergarten and 4th grade, there has been much preparation!  But I will say - we're excited!  The kids can't wait for school to begin and I'm excited too.  I'll post first day of school pictures and stats next time, if I remember.

Daniel is moving much more these days.  It's so much fun to feel him wiggle around.  I'll update about my most recent midwife visit in the next post as it was during week 24.  I'm really starting to feel full and pregnant.  The belly is pretty noticeable these days.  I feel quite a bit larger than in past pregnancies at this point.  I think I'll check out my old pregnancy journals and see if I'm just imagining things or not. 

I'm getting to an odd stage of the pregnancy.  Overall, I'm feeling pretty good physically, though I have the occasional back/pelvic pain if I've been on my feet too long.  It's odd because parts of me feel that I've been pregnant forever and can't believe I still have so much further to go.  Then other parts of me feel it's gone fast and can't believe I'm getting ready to have four children five and under!  I'm sure that once school begins, it'll go even faster and I'll be glad I have so much longer.

That's it for now...

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 21: Houseboat Time!

What do tubing, middle and high schoolers, interesting sleep situations and a crazy storm all have in common?  Our recent trip with our church's Boat Float, that's what!  During week 21, we were able to attend our youth's annual houseboat adventure.  And what a trip it was!  James was our boat captain (he literally moved the boat wherever we went).  We were with a ton of students as well as several other ministry leaders and their families.

The first night was a tad bit crazy.  None of us were aware a big storm was brewing.  Though there were seven boats in all, initially ours and one other were docked to the shore separately since we all had younger children.  Around 10:30 pm, very strong winds slammed one of our speed boats directly into our houseboat, jolting me awake.  I'd laid down early to be with the kids and thought maybe others were doing some late night jumps off our roof again.  When I came out, I was told what happened and the wind just about knocked me over with its strength.  I decided to try and go back to sleep anyway though the weather was incredibly frightening.  About five minutes later, another leader on our boat rushed in to find James.  Our boat and the one next to us had come mostly detached from the land and was threatening to float out into the open!

The next few minutes were like scenes from a movie.  Everyone ran around trying to figure out what the next best step was.  Do we go back to the dock (which was not particularly close)?  Do we try to tie ourselves back up?  If so, where?  There weren't many options.  Then several of the pastors and other leaders jumped off the boats, grabbed the ropes and went military style up the giant hill/small mountain towards the only solid trees in the area.  It was such a sight!  By God's grace, the rain hadn't started yet and they were able to resecure the boats.  Maybe ten minutes later the downpour came.  The craziest part?  The kids slept through the ENTIRE thing!  Even I was terrified and they never noticed.  The irony! :)

After that first, incredibly entertaining evening, the rest of the weekend went pretty smooth and we enjoyed beautiful weather.  The kids loved the water, especially Hannah, who never wanted to leave it.  We got to spend time getting to know many of the families much better.  It was good to have some extra downtime before the summer wrapped up.  I was feeling good overall regarding the pregancy so that was nice as well.

For loads of pictures, check out my album on FB. :)
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weeks 19 & 20: Ultrasound time!

I'm continuing to feel better and better regarding the pregnancy nausea so that's fantastic!  It also helps that I've had no recent vertigo issues - praise God!  And slowly but surely, I'm starting to feel this little guy move around more. 

During week 20, we had our first "official" ultrasound.  It's always a joy to see the baby in the womb!  It was quite entertaining to see Daniel give us two thumbs up, open and close his mouth, cross his ankles, put his arms both behind his head as well as hiding his face another moment.  In just about 20 minutes, he went from being horizontal to totally breech to flopping around all over the place.  He was certainly and very clearly reconfirmed a male.  As much as they can tell, he seems to be totally healthy.  Another praise for sure.

However, there was one not so encouraging part of the ultrasound.  He was measuring about one and one half weeks behind our estimated due date of December 8.  My cycles are very regular so I know those details for sure.  Most of me thinks nothing of it as our babies are always small (my largest was only 6lbs and 8oz).  The midwife told me that we won't adjust the due date right now, all things consdering.  But she did say that if 42 weeks came with no progress, we'd reconsider before inducing.  Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

This entire time I've been prepared for being up to 42 weeks considering my last baby was 10 days late.   That would mean, no matter what, I'll be holding our baby before Christmas.  However, if my date does get adjusted, it could technically be the beginning of the new year if Daniel decides to be stubborn.  NOT COOL on many fronts (including health insurance deductibles, taxes and just a longer wait in general).  Sooooooooooooo, here's to praying Daniel is not a stinker and doesn't like the womb better than the real world. :)

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