Friday, June 10, 2011

Reflections and Pictures

Last week we had a last minute opportunity to get out of town. James was unexpectedly off two days in a row (which is rare) so we called up some friends to see if we could visit. We ended up in Adams, TN at a small Christian camp that they are the caretakers for. Though it was a short trip, it was so nice and relaxing for the most part. Our friends were amazing in serving us. Our second night there, they took the older kids with them to church so we could have some quiet time together. Then they even had them stay the night with them so we'd sleep better. We got to see a lot of natural beauty that we miss living in the suburbs including a gorgeous sunset, lots of wildlife and even the joy of our kids playing out in the country. It was a nice little mini-break.

Upon arriving back in Louisville, we hit the ground running. It was a very busy few days including counseling, my hosting a playgroup, going to the grocery and preparing for Hannah's 4th birthday party. Speaking of the birthday party, I believe it was a great success. We had a "Tangled" theme and used several ideas I'd found online. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. We had a large braid hanging on the front door, pin the pan on Flynn, tower building, hair sculpting and of course food. The giveaway for the girls was my new Rapunzel hair clip that I'm selling with my business. Everyone loved them. The cake turned out WAY better than Benjamin's did. It was very detailed with a tower and all. Be sure to check out the pictures to see it. I must admit I was proud of it. :)

Today we took Hannah for her four year well visit at the doctor. I felt so bad for her as she received five shots (all immunizations) and a finger prick. She limped all day (she's a little dramatic). We got her a doughnut from Starbucks for a special treat afterwards. Then for dinner, my inlaws bought her favorite ribs from Mark's Feedstore. So all in all, I think she made out. I know it hurt her. Fortunately other than flu shots, she won't need any more until she's 11 I think. Whew.

My vertigo has been on again and off again. I've been treated twice since my last message. Hoping things will correct soon.

Until next time...

Take Care,