Monday, January 28, 2008

Hannah's 8 Months Old!

My, my, my....I cannot believe 8 months have already flown by! Saturday, Hannah Mai celebrated her 8 month old birthday with a trip to the creation museum. Here you see her enjoying a dinosaur ride at the end of the exhibits.

So much has happened in 8 months. This blog will include some recaps and some updates.

For about four months now, Hannah has been undergoing weekly physical therapy on her neck because of her torticollis. She has responded beautifully and is doing so much better.

Regarding her food allergies, she has a specialist appointment on February 12th to determine exactly what all we're facing. Please pray for grace during that appointment. It will be about a 2 1/2 - 3 hour ordeal in which Hannah Mai will be stuck with many small needles with potential allergens. I am going to need a LOT of grace that day and I'm sure she will too.

Hannah has come so far from a "helpless" newborn. Though she is not yet crawling, she can push her stomach off of the ground and look like she's going to crawl. She does do this interesting "back" crawl. She arches her back and pushes her feet against the ground, pushing herself backwards to her desired destination. She's sitting like a champ now, though I think she is going to be very accident prone, like her mommy. She finds the most interesting ways of hurting herself (which I do on a daily basis). She's grown to love bath time and playing in the sink.

She's becoming a big talker (babbling of course) and loves to laugh. She enjoys playing games with Daddy and is very ticklish.

With age she's also learned how to throw a tantrum when she doesn't get something she wants - or - if it doesn't come fast enough. She's very much a Mommy's girl, though I'm sure she'll fall more for Daddy with time. Afterall, she has to be at home with Mommy all day long.

We were blessed this week to qualify for some financial aid to cover the cost of her formula. Praise God! Her special "allergenic" formula costs around $300-400 per month.

Overall, much has changed in the life of Hannah Mai as well as the lives of us: her parents. What a blessing it's been to have a daughter to call our own.

Take care!


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jennifer said...

oh my word!! she's so cute in those videos. she's a funny little girl.
you guys are a happy family, praise the Lord! Mark and I look forward to that ourselves someday (not so fast...).