Thursday, December 27, 2007

Please Pray for Our Health.

First I want to thank everyone that reads this blog for their time. You may have noticed several of the last few posts have been regarding medical issues and this one is no different. In the past, our family has had very few medical concerns so all this is out of the ordinary. I'm asking for prayers for the following individual concerns.

Pray for his arthritis. Fortunately, he's only had a couple of flare ups so far this winter and even those have been short lived. Pray specifically that his wrists, elbows, and knees continue to be okay.

Hannah Mai:
Pray for her allergies. I'm not even sure where all of her food allergies are going to take us in the future but I know it will not be easy. Children can grow out of many of them and I pray she does. If not, I pray the Lord continues to give grace.
Please also pray for her health and/or teeth cutting. For the last three days she has been an extreme handful. She is crying for no apparent reason and only satisfied when I pick her up. She's not even being happy with James and that is unusual. On the surface she appears to be okay. The only "sick" symptom she has is a stuffy nose. Everything else is good. She's been very, very needy and the stranger anxiety is only escalating. Please pray that I have great patience with her as sleep and free time have become rare commodities.

Pray for my reproductive system. I got a call from the O.B. today saying that my pap came back "slightly" irregular. Again, they said it was likely not serious but would like to see me again in 6 months instead of the usual year. They said it did not show cancer or anything like that but is still a small concern. This is in addition to the ovary cyst that I have an ultrasound on Jan. 10. I've been extremely tired lately and having stomach cramps but who's to say it's not lack of sleep from dealing with an unhappy baby or maybe even a nice winter virus?
Pray also that I continue to get over this little bug I have. Each day I think it's over and my nose gets more stuffy or my throat starts to hurt again. All of you moms out there know how much harder dealing with a baby can be when you don't feel well yourself.

So I know that's a lot but I covet your prayers. These last few days have been extremely stressful and tiring for me. Pray that I have an overabundance of grace and patience with Hannah Mai. Pray that I seek the Lord during my times of discomfort. Pray that I grow in my steadfastness towards Christ.

Thank you all in advance. I pray your added Christmas memories were a blessing!

Take care,

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