Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 28 - Lots of Updates

This past week was incredibly busy with both babysitting and events. But by God's grace, I survived. :) The stomach issues I mentioned last week did end up being viral. Mine subsided on day 6, Benjamin got it a few days later... Right now, we're all fighting a little cold of some sort. Poor Benjamin seems to have it worst with lots of snot and drainage issues. Then of course he can't tell us how he feels so he just cries. It's pitiful. I'm feeling much better today than I have the last few days so I'll take it. There for a day or two, I thought I may have strep. Instead, I think it was just soreness from the drainage.

Anyway, I had my last monthly midwife visit during week 28. From now on, it's bi-weekly visits. I was almost dead on with my weight gain, 26lbs. By tape measure standards, I am measuring behind. That was no surprise though, I always start measuring behind at this point. Since I was already having an ultrasound, there were no worries. My placenta has moved up and is no cause for concern. Yay! Sophia was measuring in the 45th percentile, right on target. The ultrasound tech said my measurements were probably a result of her positioning, way down in my pelvis. I find it interesting that my babies decide to stay as low as they possibly can while in the womb. It's nice that I don't typically have feet in my ribs. It's not so nice in the pain/pressure it can cause in my pelvis.

My blood pressure and vitals were all great. I haven't heard anything about my glucose test which was almost one week ago so that should mean I'm in the clear - hopefully! My back is still hurting a bit and the fatigue is there but manageable. The nausea went away with the stomach issues, praise God!

I've included the latest belly shot, taken at 28wks and 5 days. I think you'll agree - there is certainly a belly there! Of course it's always interesting to see what you look like in different maternity clothes, even on the same day.

Tonight I finished getting all of Sophia's clothes put away. It's becoming more and more real. I can't wait to meet her!

Until next time...
Take Care,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 27 - Feeling Very Pregnant

It's amazing what a few short weeks can bring in a pregnancy. Week 27 has left me feeling very pregnant. I'm not exactly sure of my weight gain (I go back to the doc on Wednesday) but I feel like the Goodyear Blimp. I'd guess my weight gain is probably around 25lbs at this point and yet half the people I know keep commenting on how small I am. I really can't figure that out! I wonder how big they think I should be getting? I mention the weight gain mainly because it's leading to other painful issues: sore feet and pain in my lower back. Then for the last five days I've been dealing with tummy troubles. Not sure if I've picked up a mild stomach bug or something but it hasn't been fun. Yep. Pregnancy has fully set in for sure.

To try and keep a positive mindset in this post, as much as I'm aware, little Sophie is doing great. She continues to move around quite frequently. I can't help but daydream sometimes about what she may be like. Will she be stronger willed and dramatic like her sister? Will she be more laid back and energetic like her brother? Will she have medical issues (like Hannah's crazy jaundice, torticollis, crooked sacral dimple or Benjamin's need for a helmet) or allergies (like Hannah's dairy and soy issues)? Will she be a cryer or a content baby? Will she take a pacifier, suck her thumb (like Benjamin) or neither (like Hannah)? Will she be a Mommy's girl or Daddy's girl? What will she look like? When will she get her first teeth? How much hair will she have when she's born? Isn't it funny all the crazy questions that come to mind?

The exhaustion has continued. I've decided it must just be this part of the pregnancy. It doesn't matter how much sleep or rest I'm getting, I'm physically tired just about all day. So I'm trying to be careful not to overdo it - easier said than done during the holidays. I also started to get some evening nausea again. It's not quite as bad as it was during the early days of pregnancy but it's noticeable. It hasn't made me physically sick yet, just yucky feeling.

All that said, I must say, the day cannot come quickly enough. :) I'm ready to hold Sophia in my arms versus my belly. Of course, that doesn't mean I want to go into labor now. I want a full term delivery if possible. I'm glad Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are fast approaching... it should make the time go by much faster!

Until next time....

Take Care,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 26: Busyness Begins

There wasn't really much of anything new going on in week 26. It was slightly busy in the sense that I was preparing and co-teaching a breakout session on hospitality at a women's conference at my church. You can see pictures from it here: http://blog.sojournchurch.com/photo-blog-womens-a-m-conference-saturday-nov-6/ . That was Saturday. It was a great time of fellowship and learning and a great joy to be able to participate.

Sunday brought the effects of Daylight Savings. Honestly, the kids adjusted fairly well because I've been backing up their schedules for the last 2 weeks. By the time we 'lost' an hour, they were already adjusted 45 minutes worth. I can tell they've both been very tired in general lately but they're getting the usual amounts of sleep so I'm not sure what the deal is. Then again, as I mentioned in my last post, I've also been extremely tired lately. My latest theory is that it's the indoor heat / dry air that's making us sleepy. Wonder if I'm accurate at all there?

Starting last week, our next two months get crazy for the holiday season. Between James' jobs and other activities, things don't slow down much until January. So here's to praying for peace in the midst of it all!

This weekend I'm hosting a baby shower for a good friend of mine. She has two little girls right now and this will be their first boy. It should be fun. This week and next are busy for me on the babysitting side. But busy with babysitting means extra money so that's a bonus for sure. I have my next midwife appointment on Wednesday complete with glucose testing and another ultrasound to make sure my placenta is out of the way. Then I have one more women's conference on the weekend. But that one I'm not teaching anything, just attending, so that should be fun as well.

Sophia continues to do somersaults in my belly. I can tell how big she's getting when I feel her on both sides at the same time. James and I have been toying with the idea lately that maybe she'll be blonde or have blue eyes. Ha! Not a likely chance considering he's Asian but we can pretend, right?

Until next time...

Take Care,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 25: Halloween Fun and Family Visit

So week 25 went so fast I completely forgot I hadn't journaled about it! Forgive me for the delay! As I mentioned in my last post, my husband's mom and dad (Mama Tess and Papa Ben as we call them) came into town for a visit from Florida. We stayed incredibly busy with activity but enjoyed ourselves during it. The only thing I mentioned in my last post we didn't get to was the Elmo exhibit. We simply ran out of time!

As for Halloween fun, we attended the Zoo party and Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood. Hannah LOVED getting all the candy this year and very much enjoyed being Minnie Mouse twice. Benjamin's 'ears' kept falling down so that was a bit annoying and he wasn't a huge fan of the gloves, though he did okay with them. If you want to see more pictures of our activities, check out our last few posts.

The fatigue is quickly setting back in. I'm not sure if it was just having a busy week and weekend or if it's just that time of the pregnancy. I'm feeling pretty wiped out by 8ish, even if I get a nap in the afternoon. I do get up at 6am most days but I'm typically in bed around 10. I'd think 8 hours would be enough sleep. With the extra weight on my body, I'm starting to feel it more physically. A few weeks ago, I started doing Yoga again. I borrowed a prenatal yoga video from a friend and it's been great. I feel SO much better afterwards. I'm averaging 3-4 days a week with it.

Sophia is REALLY starting to move around now. I mean, I've felt her for weeks but it's turning more into that 'alien in my belly' look/feel. It's quite entertaining. Hannah has enjoyed the few times she's felt her moving. She even knocks on my belly to 'wake her up.' haha

Until next time...

Take Care,