Monday, March 26, 2012


So most of the winter we've been sick. Well, on the positive side of things, we've had several weeks of relatively good health when it comes to viruses and such. That's a plus! James and I did get some mild food poisoning which wasn't fun. Fortunately, the kids weren't a part of that. James' RA has actually been doing MUCH better. He's been on a gluten-free diet as well as juicing once or twice each day. He says he's felt great improvement with his energy level and general well-being. Though his pain has not vanished, it's been very manageable. I praise God for that!
My physical downside has been another vertigo relapse. For those who have known me for the last three years, you know I've struggled off and on with sometimes severe positional vertigo. Last week, I fell into a relapse. I believe it's likely from the allergy season and the number it's doing on my sinuses. Because the vertigo is inner ear related, it can easily be affected that way. It's been a not so fun week or so on that end. Some days are way worse than others though and I'm grateful for the breaks. It's sad that I'm scared to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather for fear that it'll make things worse. Trying to find a happy balance and using Sudafed and Zyrtec to try and help.

I finally posted pictures of the owl-themed birthday party. You can view them here. Next month, Benjamin will celebrate his third birthday with a super hero theme. Then in May, Hannah wants a rainbow themed fifth birthday. Fun times!
I've been evaluating my curriculum choices, homeschooling philosophy and methods for Hannah's upcoming Kindergarten year. I really like a variety of things from the Charlotte Mason approach as well as unit study type learning. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use Interlock, from the Weaver Curriculum for Kindergarten. I'll intermingle some of my own things with help from Ruth Beechick and also Sonlight Curriculum's amazing book offerings. I'm excited to get started.
Life has been busy as always but we've been enjoying one another. On the days that aren't so enjoyable, we pray for grace, learn from the circumstances and look forward to another morning. :)
Until next time...
Take care,