Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is it really October?

This has been a strange month. As is typical in the Ohio Valley, the weather has been goofy. 80's one day, 50's the next. Rain, no wait, drought, no wait, rain, frost... what?! Always entertaining, that's for sure. Kiddos got to enjoy time in the sprinklers during the beginning of the month. They had a blast with that. Now it seems the cold weather is approaching, but who knows, I'm not holding my breath yet.

We're at the tail of a little cold of sorts. It had a funny progression. My nephew brought it to us. Then Benjamin got it, Sophia, Hannah, me, James and lastly, my brother. For us adults, it seemed to come and go faster. Kids are still battling snot but otherwise doing better. Sophia is having a hard time napping still. At least they're pretty much sleeping at night. That's always a plus.

James continues to love his new job. Though many of the people he works with are living their final days, he has the opportunity to befriend and bless them with his words and presence. He's now a hospice chaplain and bereavement coordinator for those that may have missed that. It's even evident here at the home how enjoying his job affects day to day living.

We're now on our 9th week of our homeschool curriculum (we're working through Sonlight's P4/5). Very enjoyable. Hannah enjoys the reading time though she's especially attracted to her workbooks and writing practice. I think that's probably the opposite of most kids her age. Benjamin is learning to count - kind of. Right now, he counts "2,4,7,8,9,10,11,12". haha Now I just have to fill in the blanks for him! Sophia is sitting and trying to crawl. She pushes herself backwards but hasn't figured out the forward motion just yet. She's 8mo old now.

Then me? Well, I'm making a ton of hair bows right now to try and have them ready for the approaching holidays. If you're interested in any, let me know! I'm posting lots of pics on our Facebook page.

Oh... and with Halloween approaching, we'll have Tinkerbell, a racecar driver and a puppy dog. I'll be sure to post pictures!

Until next time,
Take care,