Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 20 - Halfway There!

We had our official ultrasound and first midwife checkup in 5 weeks so I was anxiously awaiting week 20. And it didn't disappoint. We were able see a great ultrasound and confirm the baby is a girl. She measured amazingly average (our kids tend to be on the small size) and my due date was not adjusted. Everything looked great. My placenta is low lying but the midwife said it was not low enough to be of concern.

On the more surprising side of things was my weight gain. So far, I'd only gained 3lbs. Well, add 5 weeks of less nausea and an increased appetite and add NINE pounds! Holy moly! My midwife gave me the benefit of a doubt and suggested a pound or two could probably be attributed to the nearly 30oz of water I drank before my ultrasound. She didn't seem overly concerned and neither am I. So far I've gained 12lbs and I'm 21wks. With my other two kids, I gained 13lbs in the first trimester alone! In the end, I gained 29 with my daughter and 31 with my son. So we'll see. I started off at 118lbs and 5'6 so I could stand to gain a little anyway. :)

Other vitals and everything were great. That's always a nice thing. I guess the next big and non-exciting test will be the glucose screening. I failed it the first time with my son and passed it with flying colors the second time. I'm quite certain my breakfast played a part that day. I'm going to request to do it fasting the first time to keep from having to mess with a retest for no good reason. Hopefully they'll let me.

We went out of town for my nephew's 5th birthday party this weekend. It was a very short trip as we left Friday morning and returned Saturday night (it's about a 4hr drive with kids). By God's grace, both kids did really well overall with the driving. My husband had to work so it was just me with them. On Saturday morning, I got nauseous out of the blue. That hasn't happened in a while. I ate a peanut butter sandwich and drank some Sprite. After about an hour or so, it passed. That was a blessing.

Until next time...

Take Care,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 19: Cardio Updates and Bouncing Sophia

Week 19 was pretty busy. I babysat three different days (which can be draining on top of my own two kids and being pregnant). On Thursday, I had my cardiology appointment. The doctor was very friendly and very thorough. I really appreciate it when a doctor takes me seriously, listens to all of my random ailments and seems to genuinely care how I'm feeling. After listing what all was going on with my symptoms, he decided to do another EKG, schedule me for an ECHO and put me on a heart monitor (for 2-4wks). I'm still awaiting the scheduling for the ECHO (we've been playing phone tag). I've had the heart monitor on since Saturday night. It's a little bit of a pain to mess with but not uncomfortable. I just have to be sure my clothing works appropriately with it. I can mostly hide the electrodes stuck to my chest but definitely not the big pager looking contraption on my pocket. It monitors continuously but only records when I tell it too. Basically any time I have any symptoms, I press record and then later send it via telephone to the company. They send a report to my doctor and he monitors things. Fun stuff! :)

So what did he actually say? Well, he's not sure what's causing it though he doesn't believe it's structural (blockage, etc.) based on my symptoms and other factors. The ECHO will confirm that. He did seem to think it's pregnancy related - though not serious. He said my heart is likely just working harder with this fourth pregnancy. So...though uncomfortable, another doc says it's likely not serious. That's hopeful. We'll see if anything comes up with the heart monitor or ECHO.

Babywise... little Sophia is finally doing some flips. :) I say finally because I felt it was forever before she really started making 'noticeable' movements. I LOVE feeling the baby move during pregnancy. That is by far my favorite part. Now that being said, they can certainly make you uncomfortable at times but I still like it overall. It's such a joy and seems so miraculous to me. By the time I write next, I'll be able to give all the fun info from my midwife visit. We have our 20 wk ultrasound and I always love watching that. It's also reassuring if there are no health issues of course. I'm always curious to see how 'average' the baby is in size. I tend to have slightly smaller children (my hubby is Asian and 5'3") so that's fun too. A confirmation of the baby's sex from another doctor will be great too. You hear so many stories of the sex being wrong. I can't imagine! As much as we're aware, she's a Sophia!

I've also included a picture of me taken at 19wks and 3 days. There's no missing the belly!

Until next time...

Take Care,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guessing the Baby's Sex

Here is a video of the kid's guessing the baby's gender.

A side note...they were correct!

Take care,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 18: IT'S A GIRL and Related Pregnancy Myths

Week 18 ended up being a big and exciting week for us on the pregnancy-side of life! Though we're not scheduled for our anatomy ultrasound until week 20 with our midwife's office, we have friends in high places. :) Ha! Basically, we have a friend who was an OB for 25 years before beginning a teaching career at the school we got our Masters degrees from. We met him when pregnant with our oldest. He still volunteers at the school's clinic, where they also have an ultrasound machine. I contacted him to see if he'd be willing to try and see the sex for us. Not only did he work us into a busy schedule, he did the ultrasound for FREE!

At first, Little Bit wasn't in the best viewing position. From what he saw then, he thought it was probably a girl but didn't confirm yet. He explained sometimes at this stage, a little boy's 'parts' may not have descended yet and it was hard to tell for sure based on the baby's position. We continued to check out other important aspects of the baby to reveal a beautiful head, brain formation, heart chambers, etc. The placenta is in a good place so no fear of Previa. Then, the baby moved around a bit on her own to give us a crystal clear shot of her 'parts'. The doctor told us that while little boy's could often hide their 'stuff,' he was fairly certain there was no where for this baby to be hiding anything! He confidently told us we were having another little girl! We're super excited and so is our daughter. Our next big excitement will be seeing Sophia Joy's beautiful face early next year!

All that said, I'm convinced that a few more pregnancy 'wives tales' are simply myths.

#1: A woman's 'boy' pregnancies will be distinctive from her 'girl' pregnancies. False. So far, in many more ways than not, this pregnancy has mirrored that of my son's. And... she's not a boy.
#2: A woman can just 'feel' whether or not she's having a boy or girl. False (and don't get testy on me here, hehe). I've now been pregnant 4 times (though we lost the second early on). I'm one for three in the guessing game as I've 'felt' all the pregnancies were boys. You have a 50/50 shot at guessing right - some of you are just good guessers. :)

I feel like I've suddenly ballooned in size. Really, it's as if I woke up with a belly one day. I'll try to take an updated picture soon. My cardiologist appointment is Thursday so I'll update on that when I can. So far, my heart issues have been touch and go. Pretty regular for about a week and then barely noticeable the last two days... so that's a praise.

Until next time, take care!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 17: Heart Problems

And now the real fun begins! Remember the comments in my last post about chest pain and such? Well, I went to the doctor upon some friends' encouragements and lo and behold, I'm not imagining things. After an EKG and some other fun tests, he said he's pretty sure I have something called Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia and thinks it was brought on by the pregnancy. He said it could possibly be from the increased blood volume. He told me it was going to be more aggravating and wearisome than dangerous. The longer my heart rate stays elevated, the more tired I'll be. It stays over 100 pretty much every day with spurts much higher than that for no apparent reason. For now, my only instructions are to increase my water intake, call if things get worse and wait for my appointment with the cardiologist in about a week and a half. Even being told there's no reason to worry, it's a bit hard not too when my chest hurts pretty much all day and I can't slow my heart down. I feel like I've been on a treadmill for 30 minutes when I've done absolutely nothing. So there's how you can pray for me.

Sleep is going a bit better. Still waking up but not as often. Heartburn about the same. I'm doing a better job of watching my intake though so that's helpful.

I've felt the baby a tad bit more this week. That's really good since I haven't been feeling well. I do worry that after switching to a midwife, I'll still end up having to go to the OB now that I've got a 'heart issue.' (And may I clarify - I'm not anti-OB, I just switched offices specifically to have these particular midwives, that's all). :) My cardiologist appointment is before my next midwife visit so at least I'll have something a little more concrete. At that point, I guess I'll find out if I'm considered high risk.

So all this sounds so negative and I guess on the health side, it is. However, the week itself was not bad. We had a weekend of gorgeous weather here in Louisville. In one day I went shopping with my mom and the kids, went on a picnic and to the park, flew a kite with my daughter and painted finger and toenails with her. Sunday we went to church as a family, ate a great lunch at Qdoba (my favorite place!), took a nice, long, breeze-filled afternoon nap and rested in the evening. It was a great weekend! This coming week, my husband and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary so that's exciting! Even in the midst of uncertainty and heartache (literally, hehe), God has been good in bringing me joy.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 16: Changes and Challenges

This week was a bit draining on the physical side - part pregnancy related, part not. The heartburn has certainly increased. I really have to watch how much dinner I eat or I'm miserable for quite a while afterwards. One night, even with medication, I was in great pain for about 2 hours after dinner. Whew... no fun! Then I've been having some chest pains and breathing issues that I'm not sure are pregnancy related. I'm actually going to the doctor about that this afternoon so I'll update more on that later. Every other month or so, I wake up every morning with a tense neck and have headaches pretty much every day for a week or two. That's been ongoing for about 4-5 days now. Hopefully that's almost over. And I'm waking up constantly overnight for no apparent reason and not able to fall asleep for a nap most days. Needless to say, it's been a bit challenging - and yet God has been good to sustain me.

I did get my ultrasound rescheduled and it's only a day later. So September 22nd is the planned day. James and I were talking about it again the other day. Though we both kind of want another girl, we're both pretty convinced it's a boy. The pregnancy has been most similar to that with Benjamin, for whatever that's worth. Then again, I've thought all of my pregnancies were boys... hehe We'll just have to wait and see. I'm really excited to see the ultrasound too just because I don't feel the baby all that much. I remember feeling Benjamin much more by this point in the pregnancy. It'll just be nice peace of mind.

One of my closest college friends came and visited during week 16. That was nice. The last time I saw her was under sad circumstances as she lost her second child to SIDS. It was nice to chat, get to know each other better as mamas and have our husbands involved as well. Before then, she didn't really know my husband well because they haven't lived here since I got married.

In the next week or two, I plan to begin preschool homeschooling our daughter Hannah. We're using Sonlight's P4/5 curriculum and I'm pretty excited about it. I've been prepping myself and arranging our schedule to fit it in to our day to day routines. We're also starting a homeschool co-op on September 13th so I'm really looking forward to that.

Benjamin has been pretty miserable this week trying to cut a tooth. I've been able to see the tooth right under his gum line for about a week now. He started drooling again, had a low fever for a few days, constantly has something shoved in his mouth and has been crying like it's the end of the world. We took him to the doc just to rule out anything else (which she did), so we're just waiting. I feel bad for the little guy but it's been very draining on Mommy as well. :)

I think that's enough for now! Until next time...

Take care,