Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Pictures!

Pictures from Huber Farms (click on the image below for more):

Halloween Fun!

Some pre-Halloween fun! More pictures coming soon!

Click on the picture below to see them. :)

Take care!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 24: Heart and Baby Updates

I realized in my last post, I mentioned going to my "new" midwife appointment. I meant "next" not "new". :) That went well. She really didn't seem all that concerned about the weight gain. She said I was still on target for a normal gain (up to 35lbs). Obviously since I know I have a loving affection towards chocolate, she told me to watch myself, as hard as that may be during the holidays. But aren't desserts one of the best things about the holidays?! :) So yes, I've gained a bit (I don't remember the exact number on the scale but it was between 20-22lbs more than I started). Yet people keep commenting on how 'little' I look. When I tell them how much I've gained they are astounded. Then they go into these stories about how they gained WAY more with their third pregnancy as well and it was WAY harder to lose then it was with their first two. G-r-e-a-t. Encouraging stuff there!

My next appointment will be rather long with a touch of fun and not-so-fun things. The not-so-fun glucose test will be a part of it. Then afterwards, I get to eat and drink a lot of water and have another ultrasound. Because my placenta was rather low last time, they just want to make sure it's not going to be a problem. I'm okay with that, I love ultrasounds! Then the usual appointment with the midwife afterwards.

The Braxton-Hicks contractions are finally back. Not that I missed them for sure. I'm having trouble falling asleep at night again. This is rarely a problem for me as I'm so exhausted by bedtime, I fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. I'm thinking my nice daytime naps are the culprit. So I'm limiting myself there.

Got a call from the cardiologist today. He said my ECHO/stress test combination came back completely normal. Yay...I think? It's frustrating to have no obvious 'cause' for these issues but reassuring to know nothing serious is wrong. So no more tests unless something crazy happens. Fortunately, I've been feeling pretty good these last few weeks overall. So that's a certain praise.

My inlaws come in town this week. We haven't seen them since July (they live in Florida and we're in Kentucky) and we probably won't see them again until Sophia joins us. It should be a fun time doing a few things with the kids. We'll probably go to an Elmo exhibit/learn-about-the-body thing one day. Plan on the huge Halloween party at the zoo one night. Fun at a farm one morning and then of course Trick or Treating Sunday night. All weather-pending of course. The kids are going to be Mickey and Minnie Mouse... I'm still finishing up their costumes. I'll think they'll be super cute. I'll be sure to include pictures once I get them!

I guess that's it for now! Until next time...

Take Care,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 23: Honeymoon Trimester Thoughts

I simply cannot believe it's almost November! Sometimes I think meeting little Sophie is still a long ways away... Yet, knowing the holiday season tends to fly by, other times it feels like it's almost right around the corner! Seriously, I'm due just over one month past Christmas and everything between now and Christmas gets busy. My husband is the manager of media and electronics at a local super 'box' store. As you could probably guess, his department gets particularly crazy during this season - especially Black Friday and on. I'm very excited about Sophia's arrival though. Since my husband is Asian and I'm white, it's always particularly intriguing to see what our babies will look like. As you can tell by our family picture, they carry a great deal of the predominant Asian traits. And yet, for those that know us well, people constantly tell me Hannah looks so much like me. My sister-in-law even says she's the Asian "version" of me. haha I've always found that entertaining. So I look forward to seeing Sophie's sweet little face and debating who she got which traits from.

I have my new midwife appointment Wednesday (20th). I have a feeling I'll get some comments on my weight gain. When I went to the cardiologist last week, they weighed me. Assuming their scale is in line with the one at my midwife's office, I've gained 20lbs already with this pregnancy! Holy moly! I only gained 29 total with Hannah and 31 with Benjamin. Even if I slow down and only gain the recommended 1lb per week till delivery, I'm still looking at 37. Agh. I know I'm not overeating but I do need to be more mindful of how many sweets I eat. It's just strange... I swear I'm not eating any more (or exercising any less) then I did with the other two but my body is just acting differently this time. And some people from church are still approaching me and proclaiming "I didn't even know you were pregnant." Seriously?! You don't see this huge bump in front of me!?

My cardiologist appointment went well, though nothing new to announce. He still seems confused even after 3 1/2 weeks of me wearing a heart monitor. He wants to do one more test and then if it comes back okay, be done. He seems to think it's just the extra stress of the pregnancy on my body and bad heartburn on top of it. I guess only the good Lord knows.

Overall, minus the heart issues when they arise, I'm feeling pretty good during this phase of the pregnancy. They call the second trimester the honeymoon trimester for a reason I guess. My back hurts a little but usually only when I overwork myself during the day or pick up one too many kids too often. I'm not really feeling sick anymore. Just heartburn issues and being stopped up occasionally. With my first two, I had a really stuffy nose the entire pregnancies. I've only had the slightest issues with that so far. Fatigue depends on the day. I still nap about 4-5 days during the week when the kids nap. Since I get up at 6a, I'm usually pretty wiped out by nap time. So that's a blessing.

Until next time!

Take Care,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 22: Random Tidbits

I just realized that I forgot to write about a big change last week. Hannah and I got a great deal of hair chopped off (21 inches between the two of us) to donate. This was Hannah's first haircut ever so it was pretty exciting. We donated it to an organization called Children with Hairloss as their standards for donations are a little more relaxed then some other companies that do similar donations. They seem to be a pretty neat charity as much as I can tell.

So for week 22.... it was fairly relaxed really. We had several things scheduled over the weekend. However, we ended up unexpectedly housing some guests from Houston and so we canceled our other plans. These last few weeks have really been quite relaxed and I'm a big fan of relaxed!

There's nothing much new going on with Sophia. Continuing to move around a lot, which I love. On the not so fun side, the heartburn issues are getting even more persistent. It's weird. If I eat too much, I start getting heartburn. That one makes sense. But then when my stomach starts to get empty again, the heartburn returns. Can anyone explain that one to me?

I go back to the cardiologist Thursday to see what he'll say, if anything new. I'm going to ask him about the toll this issue may be taking on my body long term. If it is indeed a result of the pregnancy, we are considering this being our last. That said, we are not ready to stop growing our family and have always had hearts for adoption. Even if this does end up being our last biological child, we'll certainly pursue the orphan next. We'll see what the Lord brings our way!

Until next time...
Take Care,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 21: A Developing Fear

Well, there hasn't been a lot of exciting things to follow up on in week 21 regarding pregnancy really. Whatever is going on with my heart is a little annoying. My cardiologist called last week to let me know that my ECHO results were normal. That's good. And yet, it's frustrating to know 'everything's alright' but 'everything's not alright' and there is still no answer. He told me to continue wearing the heart monitor until my next visit (Oct. 18) and we'll go from there. The days continue to be very off and on. Some days, I am in pain and have shortness of breath all day... other days, I feel completely normal. I will admit that I'm starting to develop a small fear regarding this whole mess. I know he's said that if it is pregnancy related (and due to the excess physical demands on my body), I wonder what labor and delivery will look like. The issues typically get worse when I do over-exert myself physically (though they can really get worse even if I'm sitting around doing nothing). So my fear is that when I go into labor, the physical and emotional demands on my body may cause a real problem. This is all speculation but a fear I'm developing none-the-less. I'm certainly going to clarify with the doctor when I go back and see what he thinks. Pray for that I'm not anxious over something that may never happen in the first place.

In the meantime, Sophia is definitely getting more noticeably active. I LOVE feeling her move around and it makes me smile each time. I'm sure it will begin to get a bit frustrating once she tries to keep me awake at night. But for now...

Hannah continues to be both excited and protective of her. My little guy, Benjamin, likes to wrestle and crawl around on top of everyone if they'll let him. If he gets on top of, or too rowdy with my stomach, Hannah is quick to remind him to be careful for baby Sophia. She's excited about playing dress up "when they get older" and sharing her room with her sister. I look forward to see the sisters interact as I had a sister and can't imagine not.

Hannah and Benjamin have both been very challenging lately. Hannah (who's about 3 1/2) has really started having a smart mouth and Benjamin (17mo) has entered tantrum stage. It seems that both have increased at once so we're really praying and seeking hard how to respond and discipline them both in their issues. We don't want to just change their behavior, we want to reach and change their hearts. By God's grace, this too shall pass.

Until next time...

Take Care,