Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tis the Season for Sickness!

Oh the joys of Christmas! Celebrating the birth of Christ, enjoying family, eating good food, and let's not forget.....the opportunity for illness!

Friday night, I fed Hannah a little cereal before putting her to bed. Eventually, I crawled into bed as well. I awoke around 5 to a crying baby AND a sore throat and congested nose. Where did that come from? After getting Hannah back to sleep and taking some sinus medicine, I also fell back asleep. Later that morning, I fed Hannah some more cereal and her bottle. I was not feeling well at all by this point. Within hours, my mom pointed out that Hannah's neck looked red. I assumed she had been laying on it for a big deal. About an hour later, I noticed her neck was still really red. I decided to take off her clothes to reveal her entire back was covered in a large rash. I freaked out trying to figure out what could have caused it. We were all thinking of everything we could. Finally, we discovered the culprit - her breakfast.

For those of you that keep up with us, you know Hannah is allergic to dairy and soy. Well, time to add one more to the mix: oat/wheat. This was the first time I had introduced oatmeal cereal to Hannah (she usually has rice cereal). And I know for sure it had no soy in it as I'd already checked the packaging before I bought it. It was organic (considering that's the only stuff I can find without soy). The packaging's only listed ingredient: oat flour (and in bold, capitalized letters - Contains: Wheat). After going to the pharmacy and talking to Hannah's pediatrician, she was "prescribed" Benadryl every 6 hrs. The first dose did nothing. Her rash continued to spread until she looked like a little lobster. It covered her back, bottom, neck, arms, head, part of her chest and started to spread up her cheeks. The picture on this blog was taken at the very beginning of the rash, it got much worse. However, as pitiful as she looked, you would have never known anything was wrong by the way she was acting. Hannah was just as cheerful and happy as can be. Fortunately the reaction was not bad enough to cause breathing problems or an E.R. visit. I praise God for that.

I'm still trying to get over the little cold that I got, though I'm feeling much better than before. Hannah is a bit congested now too but not overwhelmingly so. If you're curious about my P.Rosea rash (see previous posts), it's still spreading but not covering my torso yet. Regardless of all the sick happenings...we praise God for safe travels and an enjoyable time back home. It was a sweet time of reflection and joy in Christ. I'll post a link to a ton of Christmas pictures once I have them available online.

Take care!


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