Monday, December 17, 2007

So NOT a Dream - And Other Concerns

So I'm pretty much sad to say it but I'm 99.8% sure the P.Rosea is preparing to reclaim my body (read my last blog for details). I'm leaving .2% for error: .1% for the fact it's a self-diagnosis and .1% for the fact it's not yet dominating by body. It can take up to 20 days to begin multiplying rapidly and it's only been about 10. I'm mostly concerned with the physical appearance and potential for scarring (again, read my last post). Two of the spots are already very dominant. Considering the rash lasts for about two months, it takes a great toll on your skin. But that is nothing...

...Today I had my yearly "ladies exam." I'll refrain from further explanation of that one. ;) Two potential problems: swollen thyroid glands and a cyst on my right ovary. I say potential because they could be relatively insignificant or they could be really big problems. I did not know until speaking with my mom tonight that ovary cysts are very common in my family. My mom, grandmother and great-grandmother have all had frequent issues with them. My mom was told at the age of 19 that she needed to have children as soon as possible because the scar tissue from her bursting cysts was already on it's way to destruction. By the time she had her last child, she had only one working ovary and problems with it.

Most of you all know that James and I desire to have a large family. We've discussed having 5 or 6 kids. *feel free to catch your breath after that one* However, we also have a love and excitement for adoption. If something was to prohibit our natural ability to have children, we would definitely go that direction. Yet I'm not hoping for that right now of course - as I would love to re-experience pregnancy and childbirth. *catch your breath again if necessary*

I sometimes have the ability to freak out over things that turn out to be petty. This may or may not be one of those times. Please pray for me and my physical issues. I had a blood test today for the thyroid issue and I have an ultrasound scheduled Jan. 10 for the cyst. I'll keep you posted. Thank you in advance for your prayers!

In Christ,

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Bigmammy said...

Terra, My thoughts have been with you since speaking to you earlier. You are in my prayers. I know that whatever happens, it is what God has planned for you and your family. I am sure everything will be fine :) I think it is AWESOME that you want a large family (especially after being around my 4 LOL)