Monday, December 17, 2007

My Saturday Morning Retreat

This Saturday, I had a wonderful opportunity to retreat with the Lord. My husband blessed me greatly by caring for Hannah Mai the entire morning while I retreated to my beloved Starbucks for four and a half hours. I was encouraged to retreat after listening to a message by: you guessed it, Mrs. Caryolyn Mahaney. And what a great time it was!

I began the morning by reading my daily scripture line-up and journaling my morning prayers. Afterwards, I pulled out a book I was given a while back entitled "Feminine Appeal" by Mrs. Mahaney. This book deals primarily with the calling of Titus 2 and each chapter is devoted to specific aspects of the passage. Considering I had a limited amount of time, I chose to read the first four chapters. After reading each one individually, I took the time to reflect and work through the study questions in the back. Then I listed specific areas I needed to grow in and specific ways I could do just that. I particularly prayed over my relationship with God first, my husband second, and my child third. I also dealt with the issue of self-control.

It was such a blessing to be able to steal away for a few hours and reflect on my calling as a Christian wife and mother. To have uninterrupted time of prayer, encouragement and reflection was a great renewal. I pray God reminds me of the points I listed and grows me with the wisdom and knowledge from above. I would highly recommend other ladies retreating (if only for a few hours like I did) so they can seek the Lord and His calling in their lives. If it is not reasonable for your husband to watch the kiddos, ask a friend. Maybe they'll be encouraged to do the same. ;) What a joy it is to meet with the Lord!

In Christ,
Terra Santos

Also, if you're interested, I updated some info on some current health struggles on our family blog.

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