Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dress Your Age?

The other day I stumbled upon a link on MSN’s website entitled, “Dress Your Age.” Intrigued by what it may have to say, I clicked on the link. It began by saying that the “sexiest thing you can do for yourself” is to dress your age. So how does one dress her age according to MSN? Here is my summary of the main points (and most of these comments are exact quotes from the video):

If you are in your:
20s: Be trendy and have fun; virtually anything goes (i.e. short skirts, daring necklines); take fashion to it's edge.
30s: Try a sophisticated look; you want to look more adult, tailored and sophisticated; pay more for higher end clothing.
40s: Look smart and refined; never a need to dress like a granny; wear uncluttered, clean lines and classic cuts

Let me give you a quick test (from a radio broadcast by Nancy Leigh DeMoss beginning June 16, 2003).

*There’s a women coming down this church aisle in a long, white, formal dress. What would you say was the occasion? Probably a wedding, right? Clothing communicates.
*There’s a teenager bundled up in a snowsuit, mittens, a wool hat and a scarf. Probably not going to a picnic! Clothing communicates.
Alternatively, the MSN video suggested that a lady will only look “sl*tty” if she is too old to be wearing what she has on. So a woman can’t look this way if she is young?! I disagree vehemently here. I regretfully say that early in college, I thought dressing this way made me more attractive. According to MSN, I would have been “age appropriate” in my clothing choices.

Kim Alexis (who was a very popular super-model in the 80’s) speaks about what she learned from her past. “Many women are playing with fire in the way they dress. Dressing like a floozy tells the world, ‘Look at me, want me, lust after me. I’m easy and you can have me.’ Displaying intimate parts of the body is a form of advertising for sex” (excerpt from A Model for a Better Future, by Alexis).

Many of us think as long as we are dressing more appropriately than those in Cosmo, we’re being modest. I want to challenge us all to look at what we are wearing. What are we communicating about ourselves? What are we communicating about God? After all, if we claim to be Christians, people are watching us. They see a direct influence between the way we live and who we say God is. Again, I’ve been on the flip side of this coin and I’m grateful for the forgiveness of Christ. Though I’m not perfect, I do try to watch what I’m wearing. Please, if you ever see me in something that does not express the glory of God, let me know (lovingly of course). Let’s encourage one another in this area.

I’m not saying be frumpy and unattractive in what you wear. I am however calling us to consider what our clothing communicates, whatever our age.

Grace to you,
Terra Santos

Here is the link to the MSN video I was speaking of: http://lifestyle.msn.com/stylestudio/default.aspx?page=home&tab=episodes§ion=weekend&contentid=200

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