Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week 17 - Giving Thanks

Don't you just love Thanksgiving? What a wonderful holiday in which we have the specific, set aside opportunity to give thanks to the Lord, family, friends, etc. This past week was very busy (which is why I've been delayed on this post) but enjoyable.

James' parents came into town last Saturday evening. For the entire week we've been blessed not only with tons of food and gifts but even babysitting. :) Then Friday afternoon, my sis and her two kiddos came to Louisville and stayed the weekend with us as well. They just left this morning. It's been a fun week spending time with everyone and enjoying the company of one another. We had Thanksgiving dinner at our place again this year because James had to work that morning as well as black Friday (hence, no ability to travel). We got to meet a few new friends that Todd & Natalie know as they shared a meal and company with us. It was a very long day but a nice one. Here is a video of Hannah and Ethan (a new friend)...

As far as specific pregnancy stuff goes, the baby's kicks/movements are becoming much more noticeable. I love it! There is something so sweet about feeling the baby moving around. I think it'll only be a week or two before James will also be able to feel it.

Only one week from Monday and we go to find out the baby's sex! Of course, that's assuming it'll cooperate with us. ;) The first 12 weeks or so, I really wanted another girl. She would be almost exactly 2 years younger than Hannah so it'd be a close-in-age sister and friend. She would also be born during the same time of the year and I'd already have plenty of clothes in all the right seasons. So practically, it'd work out well. However, I've since convinced myself (as I did with Hannah), that the baby is a boy. Mainly because of how different this pregnancy has been from the one with Hannah and how much I'm eating. ;) Don't worry...I'm not gaining massive weight - I'm right about on target for where I should be. I just feel hungry more than I remember with Hannah. Supposedly, the average mother pregnant with a boy consumes 200-300 more calories a day. Interesting... Then, I think I just want a boy to know we will be able to have one. Aggg.... So... all that to say... I don't know how I'll respond either way when they tell us what the sex is! We'll see! Here's the latest "belly pic" at 17 weeks.

These next two weeks will be extremely busy for me on the business side. I have several Premier Designs shows as well as a few Pampered Chef shows as people prep for Christmas. Then there are the usual Christmas parties, church events, family gatherings and my birthday. I think I'll finally be able to breathe again after Dec. 14th. Speaking of the 14th, I'm having a huge jewelry sample sale at our house with everything 40% off from 1-3p. Let me know if you'd like to join. It'll be fun. ;)

Well, I think I've written enough again! Have a wonderful, joy-filled week!

Until next time...

My "Turkey" Banana Pudding

My always requested Pumpkin Roll - Yummy


Laura said...

You're too cute. Miss y'all bunches!

Leigh said...

Yeah... I think it is so cute how you're actually showing now! It took a while! And that Turkey banana pudding... I had a nice chuckle when I read that! I thought "ewww.... banana pudding w/ turkey?!"... haha... and then I "got it"...
See you later.