Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weeks 14 & 15: Dehydration & a Trip to the E.R.

What a few weeks it's been! Thank you all for your patience in my posting recently. I try to get a weekly "pregnancy update" but it never happened in weeks 14 & 15 so here's a combo post. I'll work back from the most recent events because they are easier to recall.

Last night, I had to make my first trip to the E.R. since I was 12. Why? Well, Friday night, I had a jewelry show. At about 8:30, I started feeling a bit nauseous but assumed it was pregnancy related. I finally got in bed around 11, only to be jumping up just moments later to vomit, then to have diarrhea. That was only the beginning of a very, very long night. I spent the next 18 hours going back and forth between the two extremes. I was unable to keep anything down, including fluids. I had a low grade fever which peeked at 100.2. I had spoken with the OB on call about 8am yesterday morning to see when I should be concerned. After the symptoms refused to cease, I was told to go to the E.R.

So...that's where we went at around 5:30 yesterday evening. Fortunately, I was not made to wait and taken straight back. They drew a bunch of blood for some tests, checked my HcG (pregnancy hormone) levels, hooked me to an IV and started me on fluids and nausea medication. The nurse listened to the baby's heartbeat, which was just over 140 and steady. Dehydration was "confirmed" as if it needed to be. After about three hours, I was given the option to go home, which I gladly accepted.

No conclusive cause was given as to why I started with the vomiting and such in the first place. Either I managed to get food poisoning or I caught some sort of 24hr bug. Who knows. I'm still not feeling completely up to par as my body is totally exhausted from the lack of quality sleep, inability to keep food down, etc. So far today, I have been able to keep both breakfast and lunch down. Please continue to pray for me.

In other news, I've been extremely busy with both businesses lately - a good thing. James had a conference in Philly this week and so I was blessed with many awesome babysitters. He's also been very busy with his job.

I had my OB checkup Wednesday. It was probably the fastest I've had! The baby's heartbeat was good, I gained another 4lbs, blood pressure 110/60, everything looked great. I also had a flu shot and I set the BIG date for the anatomy ultrasound. On Dec. 8th, my birthday, we go in to check the sex of the baby! I hope he/she cooperates! ;)

Well, I need to rest some more, I just wanted to update everyone out there in cyberland.

Take care,

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Sarah Cosper said...

Oh my goodness two things in common this time:
We had an ER visit, for Mike and he is doing a bit better (See our Friday post).
AND We find out boy or girl on December 8th too.