Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

We don't celebrate Halloween for any of the creepiness it could have. We simply enjoy playing dress up and getting free candy. :) After all, wasn't it Reformation Day to begin with?

It's funny to me that last year, Hannah was a pig (because she was so darn cute and chunky) and this year she was a Cheerio Princess (thanks to her obsession with "O's"). If you want to be really technical, she was a "Multigrain Cheerio Princess." Only in the end did I catch her eating her necklace.... Unfortunately, James had to work. I dressed as a Starbucks barista in his old uniform. And I actually got quite a few fun comments about it. We had fun with our friends, The Morton's, who came into town for the event.

Click the pic below for more:

Remember that there are many more pics of her in this outfit in the "Halloween at the Zoo" posting.
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