Monday, December 8, 2008

Calling all Prayer Warriors!

Hello everyone! I know you're probably expecting my Week 18 & 19 posts (as well as the sex of the baby) but that will come later. Our appointment is late this afternoon and I'll update you all when I can after that.

Right now I come to you seeking your prayers for a friend and neighbor of mine. Her name is Tracy (husband Brett, 1st child Sam) and Thursday she gave birth to her second child, Noah. Although Noah was full-term, he's having some significant unexpected medical issues. Here are some of the details sent out in an email from my friend (and another neighbor) Amanda:

Noah is thought to have pneumonia. He is currently on a ventilator and though he is on antibiotics and the ventilator is doing the work of breathing for him, he's still having trouble oxygenating his blood (so, if you're looking for something specific to pray for, pray that he will begin to consistently oxygenate his blood well, in addition to all the other things!). This is making him very sick (there have been other issues contributing to this, like pulmonary hypertension, increased heart rate, low blood pressure, but not sure I'll remember or explain everything she told me correctly) and the doctors have told her that the first 5-7 days are very critical and he could get worse before getting better. He is still at Norton, but he could be transferred to Kosair if his condition worsens.

Tracy said it's been a constant roller coaster of him doing a little better and then worse, and she, of course, feels pretty helpless, since he's on no stimulation (meaning his eyes and ears are covered and she can't hold or touch him) and sedated (to help him rest) but is keeping a constant vigil by his side. Though we haven't been in this situation, as moms, we can all certainly imagine how heart-wrenching this experience is, and I know she appreciates all the prayers.

Please keep baby Noah in your prayers. I was also told by another friend that a baby in this condition has a 40% mortality rate. As a mother, my heart aches for Tracy and her family. I plead with you to at least pray as you finish reading this blog. May the Lord show mercy and healing to her family.

In Christ,

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