Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week 16: Playing Catch Up

After this weekend's illness, this week has been a huge week of playing catch up. Beginning Sunday, I was finally able to hold down all of my meals and liquids. That was a blessing in and of itself. However, I remained completely wiped out as far as my energy goes through Tuesday. Needless to say, my sweet daughter watched a lot of videos during those days. By God's grace, Wednesday was my first day feeling back to normal. What a blessing it was! I finally put away the five clean loads of laundry that had been sitting in my bedroom. I caught up on emails, some business errands, and went grocery shopping for the first time in 2 weeks! Whew. Then we had a business meeting at the church Wednesday night which began with a smorgasbord of amazing food "potlucked" by members. James and I just "happened to be" at the table that got to go first (out of probably 400 or more people present). It was amazing!

Today I went back to the OB to just have a followup after my illness this weekend. Everything was great. I didn't lose any weight (which is amazing considering how much of my time centered around the porcelain throne). Baby's heartbeat sounded good, blood pressure good, etc. Looking forward to the anatomy ultrasound on December 8th!!! What an awesome birthday present that will be!

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my last post that I've started to feel the baby move. I thought I was just imagining things at first. It started about week 14 and my doc said that was completely normal for any pregnancy other than the first. With Hannah, if I remember correctly, I was around 19 weeks before anything. Now of course, by movement, I don't mean all out kicks and alien looking squirms. Nope. Just the tiny little tappings of the sweet baby inside of me. I really think my favorite part of pregnancy is feeling the baby move. As long as it's not bed time...

So, all that being said, it's been a busy week but I'm SO glad the illness is over. I've got a bit of the sniffles now but I'll take that any day over what I had this weekend! This Saturday, James' parents will be coming into town for a week. At some point, we'll either be visiting my mom or having her come up here also. We can't plan ahead because of James' work schedule. We should hopefully find out tomorrow when he'll be working next week.

Well, I've written much more than I thought I was going to so I'll stop now. Take care!

Until next time...

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