Monday, November 17, 2008

Mystery Solved!

So being wiped out from this unidentified sickness for the last few days has been incredibly draining. I was feeling somewhat better this morning only to be hit hard again this afternoon. Fortunately not hit hard with the vomiting and such, just total lack of energy. As a result, this post will be very short.

The "encouraging" thing about it all, if I can say that, is that I found the source of my illness! Apparently, someone carried a stomach bug unknowingly to the Pampered Chef party I did Thursday night and at least 7 of us were sick by Saturday. I'm glad to at least know what it was. Now I pray that it doesn't show up in James or Hannah in the next few days!

Please continue to pray for my recovery as I'm very out of sorts.

Take care,

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Mama Blue said...

Praying for you sister! The stomach bug stinks.
I will be moving to Monteray CA, just 3 hours away from my parents :)

I pray you are felling better today!