Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 13 - More comparisons & other thoughts

I know everyone isn't interested but I also know some people who are... how do I look this pregnancy compared to Hannah's? Well, the first "preggo" pic I took was on Dec. 8th (my bday) when I was 13 weeks pregnant. So I thought, "Hey, I'll take another at 13 weeks this time, in the same sweater and compare." Here is the verdict:

Whether or not you can tell by the pictures... my belly is definitely a little bigger this go around. However, believe it or not, I weighed a bit more this same time with Hannah (probably about 7-8lbs more). I guess it was just distributed differently. ;) I obviously don't have a 13 week picture from my 2nd pregnancy because it didn't last that long.
The nausea has been off again, on again this week. I still can't complain because it's not all day long. It's been primarily just in the evenings (about 7 or 8ish) for the last 3 nights. So it's not totally gone but much better.
I wept for a friend of mine today. I'll leave her name anonymous. She just found out she was pregnant a few days ago and then began to miscarry yesterday. I know the pain and sadness of a miscarriage and my heart and prayers go out to her in so many ways.
There's not really a lot to share this week. It's not been a really eventful week (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Maybe it'll be more exciting next time!
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