Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She Knows "No"

Yesterday was a bit of a milestone for my little girl, Hannah. I learned, without a shadow of a doubt, that she understands the word "no." Let me explain.

We were at the chiropractor's office and I was trying to keep Hannah entertained while I laid on the massage table. She was sitting on my chest and I had given her the pendant from my necklace (it's way to large to swallow) to play with. With all of it's shimmer and shine, the plan worked and she was entertained. However, the one thing I did not want Hannah to do with my lovely pendant was to put it in her mouth. At one point, as she went to make it her dinner, I looked at her and with a serious tone simply said, "Hannah, uh-uh." She immediately put the pendant down. A fluke, I thought. After about 30 seconds or so, she decided to try again and this time, with the same tone, I responded, "Hannah, no ma'am." Again, she put the pendant down. I was dumbfounded. She actually understood what I was saying! Why was that so exciting to me?

There have been many times that Hannah has been blatantly disobedient about simple things that I've been able to excuse because I think, "she just doesn't understand 'no' yet." But I now know that is not the case. I'm no longer left to wonder. I finally have a starting point in disciplining her. Given, we're a long way away from conversations about asking forgiveness or time-outs and such, but this is a great starting point for me. As Proverbs 13:24 says, "...he who loves [his son] is careful to discipline him."

Hannah and I are learning a great deal about each other each and every day. God is continuing to teach and mold me in the process!

In Christ,

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Sarah Cosper said...

This is just around the corner for us! Thanks for writing about it.