Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aging By God's Grace

Yesterday I had to run some errands that involved me visiting my alma mater: the University of Louisville. For some reason I always forget how horrible parking is on that campus (or even around it for that matter). I finally found a spot on the street about ½ mile from my destination. But I praised God because I could’ve had to park much further. I put my hungry daughter in the sling, grabbed my purse and the bag of catalogs I was delivering. Carrying about 20lbs more than usual, I made my trek across campus.

While en route, I noticed buildings and signs that had changed since I graduated. Then I started noticing the students. All of a sudden, I realized how much younger many of them were than myself. I don’t really feel like it’s been that long, and yet when I do the math, I started my college career ­9 years ago. Wow! I felt so old – especially walking around campus with a baby. And here’s the thing: I’m only 26…I know that’s not old! It’s all a matter of perspective really.

Of course, then I was able to remind myself of all the amazing things that have happened during those years of aging. I entered college at 17, ready to take on the world. Instead, the world took me on. Then at 21, by God’s grace, I became a Christian. My life changed in ways I never thought possible. At 24, I was married to an absolutely amazing man named James Santos. At 25, I graduated seminary and one week later, gave birth to our first child, Hannah Mai. What wonderful 9 years!

Again, I know that 26 years old is not old – only in comparison to the 17 I started at. It was fun to reflect on how God has aged me with grace and I pray He continues to do so in the next 9+ years to come!

In Christ,

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