Friday, February 15, 2008

Enjoying my Daughter

Tonight I had a wonderful time, simply enjoying my daugther Hannah. James had to work all day and alas, it was just her and I. Yet by God's grace, I very much enjoyed our time together.

I must admit that I've had a hard time enjoying Hannah lately. She's been very moody for several days now. She's also learned how to make this annoying, high pitched grunt when she's not happy with something that literally drives me nuts. Wednesday, my annoyance was peaking when God showed me great grace. Hannah stayed in the nursery the ENTIRE hour and a half during a women's class at church! For those of you that are unaware, that is a first for Hannah. Thanks to patient childcare workers and a great God, I was able to sit through the entire class - uninteruppted.

The beauty of this whole thing was that the class was dealing with loving your children. Go ahead and smile. I know you want to. I was so convicted and equally blessed by the topics discussed. Why am I not enjoying my daughter more? Because my mind is preoccupied with no one but myself, that's why. Given, the better care I take of myself, the better I'll be able to care for my family. However, there is a point in which caring for myself becomes obsessive. Love manifests itself by being "other" focused, not "inward" focused.

As I said earlier, tonight was good for me. Hannah Mai and I played half of the evening. To hear her giggle and kiss me by request (yes, she's learned that too now) is so rewarding. My precious baby girl is growing up all too fast. I SO enjoyed our time together and pray for God's continued grace in my life.

In Christ,

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