Friday, February 29, 2008

I Need Inspiration (aka Your Help)!

Okay.... So here's the thing. I haven't posted in 10 days. Wow. I'm so behind. I've posted on our family blog but that's a bit easier. One day of life with Hannah and I have something to post on that site. As far as this one goes, I need your help! I need inspiration! Yes... You read that right, for some strange reason, I've been at a total loss for topics here lately. I don't want to post something just to post something.

That being said, what do you want to read about? Any specific topics you'd like me to chat about? I'm attending a women's retreat with my church next weekend (Mar 7-8) so that should give me a few new topics. Please post a comment or shoot me an email about some topics you'd like me to cover. That would really bless me and in turn bless others who read this blog.

Thank you in advance!!!

Take care,


Sarah Cosper said...

You should review or discuss the book we are reading for Wednesday nights!

Bigmammy said...

How to keep faith in God when the world around you does not :) Always a good topic :)