Monday, February 11, 2008

Allergy Test - Please Pray!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, February 12th), Hannah Mai will be allergy tested. For those of you that are not familiar with the process, it is not a fun one. As far as I know, Hannah will be enduring one of two tests:

  • “Skin prick test. This test is done by placing a drop of a solution containing a possible allergen on the skin, and a series of scratches or needle pricks allows the solution to enter the skin. If the skin develops a red, raised itchy area (called a wheal), it usually means that the person is allergic to that allergen. This is called a positive reaction.
  • Intradermal test. During this test, a small amount of the allergen solution is injected into the skin. An intradermal allergy test may be done when a substance does not cause a reaction in the skin prick test but is still suspected as an allergen for that person. The intradermal test is more sensitive than the skin prick test but is more often positive in people who do not have symptoms to that allergen.”1
I’m very much NOT looking forward to putting my baby girl through this as you can imagine. Fortunately, James will be with us for encouragement and an extra hand. PLEASE pray for us all from about 9:40-1:00ish.

Also, James has Strep – that’s a prayer request.

On a praise side, I’m so proud to announce that James successfully changed the radiator in my car today! This was his first “big” car work (past oil changes) so it was especially exciting. Praise God for a husband that loves to work, provide and learn how to continue to support the family in creative ways.

Oh…and we’re supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow tonight. It could be an interesting drive to the allergist!

Take care,

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Bigmammy said...

You go James!!!!!!!
I forgot to ask how it went.