Friday, April 3, 2009

Week 35: Exciting stuff!

Yesterday was my latest OB check up and it was nice and exciting. I'll be 36 weeks pregnant Sunday - almost full term! Good blood pressure 102/60, only gained 1 lb (for a total of 31), and my uterus measurements were right on target. The best part? I was a fingertip dilated and starting to soften... whoo hoo! At 38 weeks with Hannah, I still had a "long" cervix with practically no dilation - and I was induced! I know it could still be several weeks before Benjamin arrives but it's exciting that my body is preparing none the less!

And I finally decided to try and go natural again - unless I have to be induced unexpectedly towards the end. This time, I'm going with the help of a doula named Betsy. She's a friend from church, trained and working towards certification. What a blessing it was that the Lord lead me to her! I'm very excited. Though I know it will not be a piece of cake, it's exciting anyway.

Benjamin continues to grow and move around regularly. He has a preferred location - bottom up, feet in my right side. Unless I'm laying on my left, he's almost always hanging out in that position - at least since my last ultrasound.

Today Hannah and I accompanied our neighborhood playgroup to a local nursing home to visit and give Easter wishes. Afterwards, we were treated to lunch and enjoyed time with friends and moms at Chick-fil-A's playground. I've really enjoyed getting to know the ladies in my neighbhorhood and have become great friends with them.

With my mom coming into town tonight, my sister and her kids tomorrow, it should be a busy weekend - but a fun one!

Until next time...

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