Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week 37: The Wait Continues

I was hoping to skip this week's journal and go straight into a Labor & Delivery journal - so much for that! ;) Well, here's the scoop.

Had my OB appointment Thursday. No further dilation or effacement. The only exciting part was that my cervix was now "really easy to get to" versus a challenge to reach. I had actually lost 3 1/2 lbs in a very short time but since I was sick last weekend, they attributed it to that and didn't seem concerned. I was happy about that! I really liked the doctor I saw this time. She was super nice and helpful. Just had an overall spirit of joy - I wonder if she happens to be a Christian... hmmmm... But when I deliver, it's whoever is on call so I don't want to get my hopes set on anyone in particular. The nurse was really sweet too.

All that being said, we're anxiously awaiting this little guy. More than anything, we're just excited to meet him and see what this new member to our family looks like. I mean, it's always up in the air with a biracial baby... Of course, the chances of him looking primarily Asian are still incredibly high but you never know!

It was a pretty low key week overall (which is always nice). James had 3 days off work from Meijer and so we actually had a decent amount of family time. Of course he still had to work his chaplaincy as well as finish preparing for tomorrow's sermon but it was still peaceful as a whole. Easter was a joy. You can see pictures on our last post. James' parents come into town this week so it'll probably be a little busier - in a good way.

I guess that's it for this week. The wait continues.....

Take care,

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