Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 36: OB Scare & Anticipation

What a crazy week this past week was and I'm glad it's over! ;) First off, the baby shower. It was a great time with family and friends but definitely a busy weekend. My family all left on Monday and I crashed from exhaustion. Tuesday afternoon I had another OB visit. It started off very typical. I've bumped up to 33lbs weight gain, normal everything else. I had dilated to 1cm and nearly 50% effaced. That was exciting to hear. However, we had a pregnancy flash back with the measuring of the belly!

Nurse Practitioner [NP] (after measuring my uterus size twice): What did the doctor say your measurements were last time?
Me: She didn't give specifics. Just told me they were fine.
NP (measures again, seems concerned).
Me (starting to get anxious): Why?
NP: Well... (measures again) I'm only measuring you at 32, maybe 32 1/2 weeks.
Me (trying not to freak out): ummmmm......
NP: You have an ultrasound scheduled next week, right?
Me (still trying not to freak out): yes.
NP: I'd like to go ahead and have you do the ultrasound today, just to make sure. Hopefully, he's just in a strange position and it's throwing off my measurements.

At this point, I'm remembering my pregnancy with Hannah. Almost the same conversation, same plan (though different OB office), etc. With Hannah, after the ultrasound revealed her waist was measuring 3 1/2 weeks behind, I was quickly induced the next day. Would this be a repeat?!

Long story short (and in a good way), the ultrasound revealed nothing frightening. Though Benjamin is measuring small (26th percentile), there was nothing worrisome or abnormal about him. He was well proportioned (according to the U/S tech) with no signs of distress or any problems. He WAS in an interesting position. His head was about as low as it could be and he was curled up in a tiny little ball. Yet normal! Praise the Lord! I was scheduled to come back in to my next visit next Thursday... Whew!

The busyness continued through the week. There was pretty much something going on every single day. Thursday night, I'm almost certain I felt Benjamin "drop." I didn't experience that with Hannah. Then Friday, I came down with a horrible bug. It felt like the flu again but by God's grace, only lasted about 24hrs. It was a miserable few hours but short - praise God. Saturday I was still trying to regain strength but finally felt better today. I've also had crazy allergies acting up for about 4 days now... What's with me and sickness?

James and I think this baby will be here this week. I'm full term now (as of Easter Sunday) though I'm not due till May 3rd. However, with the progression that I've made and the fact that I continue to have tons of contractions, we don't think it'll be long. I actually thought I was going into labor last night. I had pretty regular contractions about 15-20 minutes apart for a few hours... then I fell asleep and didn't wake up again for 4 hours. Rats. Any day now Benjamin... any day. ;)

As I write this post, my friend Courtney is in labor with her fourth child. I pray the labor and delivery go smoothly and look so forward to hearing about it all! She's one of the 2 awesome ladies that was due about the same time as me. Yay!

Well, I feel like I've written a book, so I'll stop. Maybe the next time I write it'll be my labor and delivery story!!! ;)

Take care,

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Bigmammy said...

Well, hang in there. That baby's head being so low will help you dilate more before labor hopefully. Don't get to excited about this week, then you will be miserable if he does not come this week :) I am so sorry to hear about your week. Maybe that flu is what Mahlon has.. He vomited about 20 times between 10 and 6..poor thing. Anyways, love you all....kisses