Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weeks 20 & 21 - CRAZINESS!!!

Wow! So, I haven't written in a long time but I have many valid excuses! Where do I even begin?! This will probably be a long post, read at your own interest level!

Last weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun), Hannah and I went back to Western Kentucky to visit family and friends. Unfortunately James had to work as usual. Right before we left I started to get a little bit of a cough and Hannah began with a runny nose. I didn't think much about it, we both tend to get colds alot. Well, by Saturday, Hannah was running a temperature of 103.3. With the help of some acetaminophen and other techniques, we got the fever down within a couple of hours. Little did I know the fever would continue to rise and fall for FIVE more days.

All that being said, I took her to the doctor on Monday. I was told it was likely just a viral thing and the fever should break by Wednesday if so. If she was to get any more symptoms, I should call the office. Well... Tuesday morning, I went to the doctor (for myself) and was put on a Zpack to deal with my cough/cold and for prevention considering I'm pregnant. Later that same afternoon, Hannah woke from her nap shivering uncontrollably, breathing short breaths and with purple lips. One call to the doctor and we were on our way to the ER. After all kinds of tests and a chest Xray, once Hannah was stabilized, we were sent home with antibiotics (just in case there was an infection) and a nebulizer to help her breathing. We were told she may be in the beginning stages of pneumonia, again, likely viral. If her symptoms came back, we should take her to the ER at the Children's Hospital downtown because they may need to admit her.

1:30 am, same night. Hannah woke up screaming. Chills, fever, short breath and purple lips had all returned. Off to Kosairs ER we went. We spent the entire evening there (left at 7am) and with no more info. Again, test-wise, she had no symptoms of low oxygen or even the previous possibility of pneumonia. Just a really nasty virus. Christmas Eve morning, we went home and were told to stay on the original course of action with antibiotics and nebulizer, fever reducers as needed. Yesterday (Friday), we checked in a the pediatrician's office for a post ER visit. She did manage to get an ear infection on top of it all but by God's grace, she's been fever-less for about 36 hours!

Today we started a new antibiotic (to treat the ear infection) and are continuing with the occasional breathing treatments over the weekend. She slept a whopping 13 hours last night without getting up (praise the Lord!) and seems to be doing a great deal better. Personally, my cough has slowed tremendously and I'm on my last day of the Zpack. I'm also feeling a world better. In addition, God has been so gracious in keeping James from getting sick this entire time. That has been a tremendous blessing as he's had to pull a great deal of the weight this week (on top of working).

Overall, it's been a crazy few weeks. In addition to the sickness, the busyness of the Christmas season kept us going. James' family was here for 2 weeks and then as I mentioned earlier, we visited my family for a few days. Tomorrow, we'll be going back to W.Ky for a few more days (James included) to visit a bit more. You can pray for my mom as she's also been incredibly sick. As a matter of fact, not only our daughter but both of our mom's were all at separate ERs in about a 36 hour time frame. It was crazy!

Hannah enjoyed opening her Christmas presents and seems to enjoy most of them so far. She's really enjoyed her new toy kitchen. I'll try to get pictures up later.

Baby Benjamin has been doing well as much as we know. He's still kicking around enough to let me know he's okay. That has been reassuring. My next OB appointment will be January 8th. We'll have another ultrasound because they didn't get a good visual of the heart last time. So that should be exciting... I love peaking in at the baby!

If you're still reading with me, I'm impressed! Please continue to pray for our family and healing. Also, let us know if there is any way we can pray for you!

Take care,

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tish said...

What a relief everyone is better! I'll keep you guys in my prayers. Love the baby name by the way!!