Sunday, January 4, 2009

Week 22 - Productivity!

So after all the crazy holiday events and sicknesses, God has blessed me with an incredibly productive week! Seriously, by His grace, I've woken up at least an hour before Hannah every morning for over a week to have my time of Bible reading and prayer. After putting a pillow in her crib, she's suddenly sleeping in about an hour to two later than usual and taking naps about twice as long as well. It's been AMAZING! One of James and I's unwritten New Year's resolutions was to start applying the "2 minute rule." Anything that can be done in 2 minutes or less, we do it right then - no delays. It's astounding how much more we're getting done around here! In addition, I'm working on picking things up either immediately or shortly after using them. I have a bad habit of letting things sit out and planning to put it up 'later' until everything is a total disaster and it takes me WAY longer to clean than it would have. And you know what? Not only has our house been a gazillion times cleaner, I've even had time and energy to do things that have needed to be done for ages. For example, one morning I had an hour long quiet time, fixed breakfast for everyone, cleaned the entire fridge, unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned out the garbage pail and organized the pantry - ALL by 10am! Wow! I must say, I pray the Lord keeps me motivated as I have been this entire week.... it's been such a blessing!

Babywise, Benjamin continues to kick and move around a bit. We have another ultrasound Thursday to check his heart (they couldn't see it last time - no big deal). It'll be nice to see if he's still growing at a good rate of course. Otherwise, no real news on him... nothing's really changed other than my expanding waistline. :) I will say that I've noticed a few more differences with this pregnancy and Hannah's. I don't gag every time I try to brush my teeth and my face seems to finally be clearing up from all the nice hormonal zits. However, my face is covered with little red spots and splotches again - which happened with Hannah as well. Fun stuff. I'm actually enjoying my belly right now and the rest of the pregnancy for the most part also. My lower back is starting to hurt a bit from the extra weight (and probably my productivity efforts!) but by God's grace, the pinched nerve has not been hurting for about 2 weeks or so. Yay!

I still haven't posted any Christmas pictures, though I will do it eventually. It's been kind of nice to be more productive around the house and less drawn to my computer. :)

Hannah well finish her antibiotics for her ear infection tomorrow and I should finish mine within the week as well. Interesting that we both got ear infections at the same time, though they are not contagious! James never got sick - by God's grace and he continues to work hard at Meijer and his chaplaincy position. He's such an amazing husband in so many ways. He's been a great encourager and leader. He's been on fire for the Lord these last few weeks and THAT is contagious.

I guess that's it for now! Until next time... I pray the Lord leads you ever closer to Himself!

Take care,

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