Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weeks 18 & 19: Lots of excitement!

Okay everyone, I'm finally taking the time to write a real post about the last 2 weeks. ;) The two weeks have blurred a bit because of busyness so I'll just combine the two.

Yesterday was the super exciting day. I woke to birthday wishes and a sweet card from my husband. Later in the morning, I noticed he'd also sent me an email about my gift (which was still to come). Can I brag on my hubby for a moment? He is really growing in the listening department. :) About a month or so ago, a guy from our community group (Ryan) and I were reminiscing on high school marching band (go ahead...I know what you're thinking). Anyway, that conversation went into a conversation about DCI, or Drum Corp International. Ryan and I were discussing how awesome the shows were and trying to express our excitement to all of the non-band nerds in the room. Well, that conversation eventually ended of course and like most random conversations, I didn't really think about it any more. But my husband listened. For my birthday, he ordered me the 2008 World DCI Championship DVD and the promise to take me to a show this summer (which I haven't been to in at least 10 years). It is a random gift but one that I am completely excited about! What a good listener he was being! I'll be sure to have a DCI championship night for anyone interested in attending... hehehe I'm sure there will be a great turn out surrounding my computer as we watch it!

Well, the morning continued. I took Hannah to the doctor (she has a cold) and did a little small grocery shopping. A few hours later, we were heading to the OB to find out the sex of the baby. ;)

We entered the office and were sent straight back to the ultrasound (U/S) waiting area. Our dear bro-in-law, Todd, took care of Hannah in the lobby while we were in the back. Thanks again Todd! I have to admit, while we waited I was paying attention to the few U/S techs and wondering which one we'd get. Would it be the quieter looking older lady? Would it be the tall, bouncy lady? Maybe the nice brunette who kept walking past us? And it was.... the brunette. She was a very pleasant personality and I enjoyed our conversation throughout the whole ordeal. I got seated in the chair (which was way more comfy then the one I had with Hannah) and prepped for the excitement. A boy? A girl? Which would it be?

The baby not only had it's back facing us but it's legs tucked up to it's chest. Great. The U/S tech mentioned the baby being awfully shy so far but we wouldn't give up quite so quickly. She did many of her measurements while it was in this position. Like Hannah, it appears this one is also going to have a big ol' noggin' (aka head). The head measured 21 weeks while the rest of the body measured right on target at 19wks, 2 days. hehe We're just a big headed family I guess! After some prodding around on my belly, turning me sideways and back, the U/S tech got a quick shot of the baby's "area." "Oh," she said. "There it is! It's a boy!" I quickly and enthusiastically responded, "Are you SERIOUS?!" She said yes but she'd like to get a better picture. I took that to mean she wasn't 100% sure. So then I asked her how sure she was. She confidently said, "Oh, I'm a 100% sure, I just want a better picture."

Well, this post is already getting incredibly long so I'll try to keep the rest short and sweet. As much as she could tell, the baby (who we're going to name Benjamin James) appeared normal and healthy. Because of his position, she wasn't able to get a good picture of the heart so we'll have another ultrasound on January 8th for that. The actual OB visit went well with no big news. Blood pressure still 110/60. Gained another 4lbs (for a total of 12 so far at 19 weeks). I feel the baby move around quite a bit these days and James actually felt him the night before last as well. Apparently my placenta is on the back wall of my uterus (nearest to my spine) and that is likely another reason why I can feel him so easily in the front.

"Him." That is so cool to say! The baby is no longer an "it." The baby is a "he!" Whoo hoo. After this one, they can be whatever: boy, girl, girl, boy, it doesn't matter! ;)

One physical issue I've been struggling with again this pregnancy is a pinched nerve just above my right hip. Occasionally, I get the same pain on the left. I'm seeing a chiropractor still so hopefully the pain won't last the entire pregnancy. It's fairly bearable most of the time but sometimes I seriously have to just sit because it hurts so much. But I'm not complaining... we have another baby on the way... :)

Until next time...


Mama Blue said...

Congrats on Benjamin James! Boys are pretty awesome ;)

Jessie Minnery said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you and love the name Benjamin James. James is Micah's middle name too! Your ultrasound pics are some of the clearest I've ever seen...it's a miracle isn't it! I love getting ultrasounds. Also, Terra I am so sorry we forgot your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, the Minnery's

Bill Bell said...

Drum Corps ROCKS!!!!!! Let us know when you have the DCI DVD party. We're both former band nerds and have always loved corps!

And happy birthday from all the Bells!!!