Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 12 - Less Nausea: Hallelujah!!!

Oh what a wonderful week it's been on the nausea radar! For some of you, that may sound like a crazy comment. Unless you're my friend Sarah or a few other nauseous pregnant women in my circle. Starting about Monday, my nausea has been significantly less than previously. Praise God! Seriously. I've had a few moments here and there but overall, my days have been much more pleasant. I don't wonder if I'm going to vomit at any given moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord (and all my prayer warriors)! I hope that season is coming to pass!

Speaking of week 12, I've always been told the first 12 weeks are the most critical and most likely for a miscarriage to occur. Tomorrow, I start week 13 and there is a sweet sense of peace surrounding this child. I know that anything can still happen but it's nice to know I've reached a critical week. I must trust in the Lord and His plans.

Oh, and we've FINALLY agreed on a girl's name, should the baby be one. A girl will be Sophia Joy and a boy will be Benjamin James. Want some name explanation? Well, Sophia is just a name we both like. It means "Wisdom" in Greek (some of you may recall Hannah means "Grace" in Hebrew). We're very big on names that mean something in one way or another. Joy means... well, joy! hehe The middle name was one I was very fixated on. I want our child to be joyful in the Lord. Benjamin is the name of James' dad. It means "son of my right hand" and has Hebrew origination. James is obviously James' name but it's also much more. James is also the name of my brother (James Rogers, Jr), my spiritual father (Dr. James Scroggins), and my belated biological dad (James Rogers, Sr). Needless to say, the name James means a lot to me in so many ways. So we're settled.... Now we just have to wait until December 10th to find out if the baby will be a Sophia or a Benjamin! :)

We'll be going to the zoo tonight for their Halloween party. Hannah will be dressed as a Cheerio Princess since she is so in love with that cereal! I will obviously post pictures as soon as I have the chance!

Until next time....

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