Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weeks 8 & 9: The Nausea Battle Continues

I would apologize for my delay again but it seems silly at this point. You all already know how I've been feeling so what good is yet another apology? ;) Thank you for your patience. Now let me catch you up on the last few weeks of pregnancy and family life in general.

Week 8 (of the pregnancy, that is), continued as previously. I did have my first OB appointment that week. However, it wasn't one of the exciting ones. As a matter of fact, I was given a ton of information about pregnancy (much of which was a refresher course since I've already been pregnant before). Other than that, I had my blood drawn and the 'oh so fun' urine test. That was really about it. I didn't actually meet with the OB at this visit, just a nurse. However, the nurse was incredibly friendly and an experienced Labor & Delivery nurse (before slightly switching fields). The hardest thing that week was trying to finish getting ready for the huge yard sale we had Saturday. Through exhaustion and nausea, by God's grace, I did finish pricing and organizing it all. The weather was perfect (overcast and about 75 degrees) and it was a huge success. We didn't sell any of our big items but we sold enough smaller items to make it way worth it. Oh...and I didn't mention, I got physically sick for the first time this pregnancy that morning. Yuck.

Week 9 (which ends today, Sunday) found me even more sick than I have been so far. I've literally been out of it and asleep by 8pm for the last 3 or so nights. It's not so much from tiredness (though part of it is), but straight up nausea. After dinner, it all starts going downhill. I haven't found a way to stop the nausea. Before I know it, I feel like I'm going to spend the rest of my evening vomiting if I don't sit down and rest. Then sitting turns to laying which turns to sleeping. Ugh. Though I have to say I'm one of the most blessed women around thanks to my husband. He has been so patient and helpful during this all. One of the things I can hardly stomach right now is cleaning around the house. No, it's not an excuse, I'm serious. With every big, quick, or constant movement I feel sick to my stomach - all day, every day (almost). James has been patient with a less than clean house and even comes home after a busy day at work and helps get everything in order - with no complaining. It's such a blessing. Some days I literally feel like all I can do is take care of Hannah and I. It just depends. I'm REALLY praying this is an "average" pregnancy and the nausea is simply peaking between weeks 9 and 10 all to decrease around 12 weeks. Would you pray that with me? :)

Also this week, I had a Premier jewelry show for my friend Rebecca. I thought I would be sick all the way up until the point of getting to Rebecca's house. On top of that, because of poor planning on my part, I didn't get a babysitter and Hannah had to join the festivities. I was a tad bit scatter brained but made it through. And I got two bookings for November and another in the spring. I've also got shows the next two Saturdays that I'm hoping will increase my fall sales and bookings.

Aside from pregnancy happenings, what else is going on in our lives? Well, Thursday, James, Hannah and I went on our second annual fall family picnic at the waterfront. We did take pictures but I'll have to upload them later (not enough stamina right now, hehe). We had a great time and Hannah LOVED the small new splash park there. Too bad my camera ran out of battery power half way through the fun!

This coming weekend will be busy too. Both James' parents and my mom will be visiting for the weekend. It'll be good to spend time with everyone, even for a short period. I'll also have a jewelry show in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday. And this time, with three grandparents in town and my hubby off work, I KNOW I'll have a babysitter. :) Now I just have to pray I'm not extremely nauseous while there.

Oh and other really exciting news: James is receiving another promotion at Meijer! I'm so proud of him! He'll be a full fledged manager with his own department (Media) and receive a small pay raise as well. It was very encouraging the other day speaking with one of his team members. She commented on how everyone at Meijer loved James. While I know that's probably a tiny exaggeration, I do know he is loved and admired there. And he's my husband - aren't I blessed?

Anyway, I think I've written way more than enough today. ;) I hope this catches everyone up a bit. I'll try to get the newest pictures up here whenever I have the time and am feeling up to it. I pray you are all doing well!

Take care,

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