Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I babysit a couple of kids from church once or twice each week. Today, while they were both still sleeping, I decided to peek through their enormous movie collection for some entertainment. They have several VHS "classics" in their cartoon collection - so I set out to find one.

To my excitement, I stumbled upon "An American Tale," a movie about a mouse who immigrated from Russia in the late 1800's. On his way over, he lost his family and spends the rest of the movie in an adventure-filled search for them. The movie was released in 1986 and I remember it very clearly from my childhood. I remembered my favorite song, "Somewhere Out There," and recalled many of the lyrics from memory.

Hannah, surprisingly enjoy it as well! She's not a big TV/movie girl (maybe because we don't own a TV) and is usually pretty disinterested. But today, as she sat in my lap eating Cheerios, her eyes were glued on one of her Mommy's old favorites! Every time a song or music came on, she danced. When the mice told their families goodbye, she waved at the TV. It was so cute!

I know this is a random blog but it was so much fun recalling this tiny bit of childhood. And the fact that my daughter enjoyed it as well was just too good to be true! Do you have a childhood favorite movie, book, or game? How much fun would a Memory Lane night be? :)

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