Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday's Music Review: God of All Glory

Song Title: God of All Glory
Album Title: Full Attention
Artist(s): Jeremy Riddle

(Hear the song here:

God of the heavens
King of matchless worth
Lord of all nations
Judge of the earth
By mercy we come
Out of love we cry

God of all glory
Savior of the world
Holy One eternal
Let Your praise fill the earth

We raise holy hands
We extol the King of Kings
We rend our whole heart
As a fragrant offering

Lifting up one voice
Resounding out one cry
(Oh, Let it ring, let it rise)


My thoughts:

This song is sweet, simple and beautiful. I've only recently become more aware of Jeremy Riddle and his music. After buying the CD for James for Father's Day, I realized there were several songs on it that I knew from the radio that I just didn't know who sang. Now I'm falling in love with his music!

The downside to simple songs like this is that I can sometimes struggle in knowing what to write in a review. Every word of this song is true to the Bible. What a mighty God we serve! And then towards the end of the song, I get the most amazing picture. Close your eyes and imagine with me for a moment...

You're in heaven...
You hear myriads of people and angels singing praise to the Lord.
The music is unlike anything you've ever heard on the earth.
It is gorgeous.
You raise your hands in praise.
Your whole heart is open to the Lord.
You sing to him:
"God of all glory
Savior of the world
Holy One eternal
Let Your praise fill the earth!"

What a magnificent vision! Songs like these and moments like this cause me to long for heaven all the more! Oh I praise God for songs that draw us nearer to Himself!

In Christ,

P.S. The video link at the beginning of this post is absolutely breath-taking. Visually, it's more about the beauty of the earth than God - that's the downside. But on a positive note, it does cause us to praise the Lord for the beautiful planet He has created. Take that for what it's worth.

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