Friday, May 23, 2008

Two Cheerio Explosions

At one point last night, Hannah was crying and Mama Tess decided she'd try to make her happy with Cheerios (one of Hannah's favorite snacks). When she went to get the box, something happened and the Cheerios went flying everywhere! At first, Hannah was unamused (see first picture below). However, once she settled down, she came to enjoy her new Cheerio heaven. So here are a few pictures of our first Cheerio explosion:

The fun continued this morning. A new container of Cheerios was on the kitchen table. As I went to pick it up, the lid came off and the Cheerios went everywhere once again. This time - my fault! ;) Here is a picture from the second explosion:

I hope you enjoyed!
Take care,

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Tina Hawkins said...

You were right...I loved this. My favorite is the 2nd pic with the sad face...She is just too cute. I'm really gonna miss seeing her for her birthday. Give her a big hug for me. Love ya...Aunt Tina