Friday, May 9, 2008

Grace and Pizza

Last Friday night, my mother was in town and we decided to order pizza. Since the pizza place was close, we made it a carry-out order instead of a delivery order. We arrived on time and while my mom sat in the car with the baby, I went in to get the order. I walked in the door and the familiar entrance bell went off. I stood at the counter where there were two guys and a lady working busily behind. One of the guys was rushing to get pizzas into boxes. The other guy was very young and looked relatively new as he glanced at the ingredient lists posted on the wall. The lady answered call after call on the phone. I stood and waited.

"Please hold," she said.
"No problem," I responded. Then I realized she wasn't talking to me, she was talking to someone on the phone.

I continued to stand. She looked up at me for a split second and continued answering the phone.
Approximately five minutes passed.
I watched as they continued to stress. One guy suggested they call someone into work. Another glance at me, no comment.
Another two to three minutes pass. I have still not even been greeted. No one said, "Can you wait just a moment?" or anything.
At this point, I was starting to get a bit frustrated. "Does she not realize that it's better business to talk to the person standing right in front of you verses continuing to answer the phone and completely ignoring the in-store customer?"

Finally, she comes up to me and quickly says, "Last name?"
She's walks away, grabs my pizzas and tells me the price. I hand her cash and she breathes heavily as she had to go get change.

We got home and somehow not to my surprise, the pizza was barely lukewarm. Approximately $33 of lukewarm pizza and bad service. I really wanted to write the store manager and express my thoughts. But God kept tugging my heart. "Okay Lord," I thought. "How can I show grace in this situation? Isn't it enough that I didn't tell her what I was thinking that very night? Shouldn't the store manager know about this? I was already nice and smiling at her in the midst of the obnoxious visit. Isn't that grace?" So when I had the chance, I asked my husband what he thought. He reminded me that this was the very first time we'd ordered pizza from this company. I would be showing grace by not mentioning this one situation to them. Maybe it was just an off night. If it continued, then of course it'd be wise to say something (lovingly that is). Yet I was showing grace by extending the benefit of a doubt that night. What a great God-seeking husband I have!

How can you show grace this week? Let's point people to the Lord by extending grace to them as He has to us.

In Christ,

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