Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Electrial Fire and God's Grace!

Yesterday, we had a bit of a scare. When I returned home from the grocery store, my mother-in-law was cooking. Suddenly, she asked me to come look at the oven and see if I could tell what was smoking. After all, she wasn't even using the oven, just the stove top. As I took a closer look, I noticed a small fire under the stove top and above the oven. Immediately, I went and called my father-in-law up from the basement where he was building bookshelves. Without hesitation, he said it was an electrical fire (by the smell) and went and shut off the breaker. The fire halted and he came to investigate. The pictures above show the detail. The wiring for the button that turns the oven light on automatically when it's opened, apparently short-circuited and caught fire.

Oh how I praise God this happen when my in-laws were here! I would have had NO idea what to do. Though I'm smart enough to know not to put water on it, I was told that a fire extinguisher wouldn't have even helped if I had not turned off the breaker. How in the world would I have known that?! My father-in-law was already able to fix the oven (he's such a handy man and knowledgeable in all that's electrical). Needless to say, it was a bit of a scare and I praise God it was a much smaller issue then it could have been. I was told that any time an appliance is on fire to immediately turn off the breaker before anything. Obviously I can call the fire department as well, maybe even on my phone on the way to the fuse box. I pray this tiny bit of knowledge is helpful for you too!

Praise God for grace in our lives once again!
In Christ,


Randy said...

Excellent post & info, even though I'm sure the experience was quite an anxious (to say the least) moment. Thank God that everyone (and even your kitchen) turned out all right. I've seen many kitchens ruined and even a few houses burned down because of one minor electrical issue. Thank God that you all were home! to Sojourn...
Fire Inspector & Investigator...

Kristy said...

Oh My WORD, Terra!!! How good the Lord is to keep you all and your home safe from harm!
Glad Pappa Ben could fix it already too! :0)
Love you and looking forward to seeing you all Sat!!!!

Anonymous said...


These crazy little things seem to keep happening to you guys, but in it all you keep such a beautiful portrait of God's grace in all circumstances. I'm proud of you and glad that you are safe. Thanks also for explaining what to do. I had no clue!

Laura Rector